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    A ton of grated cheese
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    What crisps are the spiciest

    Not crisps but these are amazing
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    Choose your biscuit

    In the absence of the true biscuit king, the mighty chocolate digestive, it would have to be (I) the humble bourbon
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    Famous people you've seen in random places

    Uncle Albert in Crete mid 80’s Bob Mortimer stood at urinal next to me in star and garter mid 90’s Terry Waite in Whitby a few years back Tony Hadley billog town centre Jesus of Nazareth (Robert Powell) having his tea in seaton
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    Middle-class trappings

    By the way the premier store in nunthorpe sells the kegs same price as beerhawk
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    Middle-class trappings

    Recommend the Cali ale by tiny rebel, lovely drop
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    When's your first gig of the year due to be?

    Human league Dare 40 Newcastle city hall, December, fingers crossed
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    The Ripper

    She’s not dead either
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    Best revenge movie

    Another shout for dead mans shoes
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    Chrisopher Nolan - TENET

    Saw it last night, huge Nolan fan, think hes a genius tbh, however, the sound mix was attrocious, dialogue/exposition was drowned out by the incredibly loud soundtrack/sound effects. Made the film nigh on impossible for me to follow. Deserves a second viewing, but that will be at home with the...