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  1. 1finny

    Who is the foreign ‘Jewel’ that Warnock is sounding out

    Says the lad doesn’t speak English but spoke to him through an interpreter to try and convince him to come. He’s a ’quality’ striker Does Benzema soak English
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    The latest top 100 footy players in the world

    No Gestede - lack of playing time
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    The Michael Palin Documentary on Himalaya

    Great bit of telly to lift the spirits Particularly liked the Hindu approach to death - cover the body and bring it down to the river where you wait your turn to pop it on a burning pyre. Takes all the pomp, ceremony and mystery away from death. Funeral directors up and down the UK would be a...
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    For the Covid nerds - lots of data

    No judgements about how or why - from the FT
  5. 1finny

    Our fans are pretty good really

    I always knew I was bit thought some of you dragged the average down o_O Rated in top 10
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    'We have been ahead of the curve in managing Covid since the start'

    And we will continue to be so..... Reassuring words from Pritti Patel this morning on R4 I feel much better now
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    Germany less worried than us about the new strain

    Seems it has been around a while Time will tell, I guess
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    Songs that have been spoilt by footy

    I used to love Daydream Believer - the words have forever changed (Some might argue - for the better)
  9. 1finny

    Cummings Speaks - in The Specator

    He’s done a blog that they have published - must be nice to have his wife working for them.... Anyway - amongst other things, he says ...... (Bearing in mind Carrie Symonds is knows for her use of social media and being pictured with her dog) Boris Johnson's outgoing aide Dominic Cummings has...
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    Excess Deaths 4th Dec

    Been running at circa 20% v 5 year average for previous 3/4 weeks Latest (for Dec 4th) they are 15% v 5 year average Optimistic And, according to BBC bed occupation is at 89% - lower than last year.
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    How is your STRAVA year profile looking

    It is now available on your App Highlights for me: I’ve cycled 5131 kms and climbed 75000 metres
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    What have you won in competitions

    Going through some old stuff the other day A signed Phil Lynott poetry book - from Brian Anderson's Tees Rock show (for the old uns) A signed framed black and white pic of Ayresome from Bernie and Ali - when they used to have a caller of the week. yes, I know, before you start - it must have...
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    How will we track our successful vaccine roll out?

    Robert Jenner on R4 this morning telling us we will get updates on the vaccine roll out very soon - when the numbers are validated. Good news I guess we have a number of options They just tell us what we want to know - how many have been vaccinated and when the programme is likely to conclude...
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    UNICEF to help feed hungry kids in the UK

    For the first time ever. That’s really nice of them
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    In a cycling season of some great memories

    Remember this one
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    Pidcock beats Van De Poel

    We have a serious talent on our hands It’s going to be fun
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    2 Frozen Pizzas and a Tub of Ben and Jerries £4

    At your local Co-op Merry Xmas
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    Anyone heard from RandySavage lately?

    Been trying to get hold of him Hope he’s ok
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    Steve Thompson 42 - early onset Dementia

    Can’t even remember winning the Rugby World Cup Tragic disease Is joining a legal case against the sport. Easy to understand why