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  1. Muttley

    Secure your bikes

    I was knocked up at 4:30am by a representative of Her Majesty's County Durham law enforcement agency. My garage had been broken in to. Fortunately nothing taken, the Copper told me they had been roving the town breaking into sheds and garages nicking bikes and tools. The only damage they had...
  2. Muttley

    The Genius of Barrett Strong

    This sequence in honour of the great man, who turns 80 this week, just played on Radio 6 Barrett Strong - Money (That's what I want) The Temptations - I can't get next to you Edwin Starr - War Gladys Night + Pips - You don't love me no more Marvin Gaye - I heard it through the Grapevine Barrett...
  3. Muttley

    A Handy Conspiracy Chart

    Mind, I've had my doubts about Finland for some time...
  4. Muttley

    More Tory Corruption?

    FreeSchoolMeals bag for 10 days: 2 days jacket potato with beans 8 single cheese sandwiches 2 days carrots 3 days apples 2 days soreen 3 days frubes Spare pasta and a tomato. 10 DAYS? That was supposedly £30 of food. I just spent £60 on a trolley full of food at Aldi, someone is getting rich...
  5. Muttley

    In praise of a referee

    Just watched the Chelsea Villa game and despite me wanting both teams to lose the MOTM for me was the ref. Stuart Atwell made a point early on of not awarding cheap freekicks for players throwing themselves to the ground when breathed on. As a result we had a cracking game between two evenly...
  6. Muttley

    Worst Album Covers

    Not all 12in vinyl albums came with striking iconic imagery upon their front covers... One can only imagine the sonic delights encoded upon the plastic within... Even ignoring the more modern usage of the term "vibrators" this is profoundly disturbing imagery... ...and from communist...
  7. Muttley

    Bob Mortimer - Gone Cooking

    Bob shows us how he makes some of the dishes from "Gone Fishing", here... Corned Beef Hash
  8. Muttley

    I want some new Christmas Tunes

    Here's one that is new to me Stick In The Wheel - Drive the Cold Winter Away.
  9. Muttley

    English Langauage Grammar Rule you didn't know you knew

    There is a proper order for adjectives before a noun So we would all say "I've just seen a great green dragon" but we wouldn't say "I've just seen a green great dragon" My Greek Fat Big Wedding - wrong! Leather walking brown boots - wrong! There is an order that we use adjectives and as...
  10. Muttley

    F1 Fans - this is genius (IMO)

    Obviously a labour of love for someone, the attention to detail is amazing.
  11. Muttley

    27th November 2010 (Picture Heavy Warning)

    My phone just did that "xx years ago" thing for ten years back. I thought you might appreciate a few piccies Not many there that night!
  12. Muttley

    Webcam World Tour

    We can't go there but we can look... Orkney - Live Seal Watch Webcam Look! Seals ^^^
  13. Muttley

    RB Leipzig

    A team to dislike. Not only what the name of the club represents but also the way they play the game. Not easy to get me wanting ManU to win. Well done.
  14. Muttley

    New 3rd kit

    Looks superb IMHO MFC 3rd kit
  15. Muttley

    Picking up from Newcastle Airport

    Anyone done it recently? Is there somewhere nearby to park up for a quick run through the short stay once the traveller has exited passport control? (Asking for a tight arsse picking up off the Schiphol flight at 22:30 tonight)
  16. Muttley

    Arsene Wenger lengthy interview in the Grauniad

    Well worth reading Arsene takes questions
  17. Muttley

    Festival of Brexit...

    Oh please just fukk off, as someone put it, it's "like throwing a party for the cnnts who have robbed your house and shat on your lawn" a lawn shttter, yesterday
  18. Muttley

    Boris Johnson - The Anti-Prime Minister

    Trending on Twitter is this article on "Byline Times" in which Jonathan Lis analyses the behaviour of Boris Johnson. He concludes that "Boris Johnson is the anti-Prime Minister. He isn’t there when his country needs him to be. It’s not just that being absent during the exams crisis allowed a...
  19. Muttley

    Huawei 5G

    Trump says "jump" Johnson asks "how high" Augers well don't it...
  20. Muttley

    City v toon