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  1. turnoffsaysthestar

    Could somebody please explain

    why calling a bra tobacco coloured is racist ? i can see smoking is not a positive but racism?
  2. turnoffsaysthestar

    Wake up call

    As has been advertised in all the press this is the time to lose weight, eat better,exercise more,drink less ,stop smoking If we all attempt one or all of these ideas to help us fight off covid 19 we will be better off in any case.
  3. turnoffsaysthestar

    Its not gone away 2

    The new cases and deaths are very similar to Junes ,123 deaths yesterday, is this acceptable?
  4. turnoffsaysthestar

    Oh happy day

    NEIL thank you
  5. turnoffsaysthestar

    maths question

    If 30 % of ? =17 what is ? i have 2 ways of doing this but i am not sure if either are correct even though both work? 30/100 =17/? i can times both sides by? to get ?x30/100 =17 then x both sides by 100 and divide both sides by 30 to get ?=(17x100)/30 =56.66re. or can i invert the problem so...
  6. turnoffsaysthestar

    Young offenders

    If you haven't seen this it's excellent and there is a new series out but watch the first 2 series first to flesh out the characters.
  7. turnoffsaysthestar

    The season should never have restarted.

    We have lost three centre half's some midfielders and Gestede how is it fair
  8. turnoffsaysthestar

    Matchday live

    It would be nice and a profit earner if they could continue this after no attendance ends if you lived more than an hours drive away.
  9. turnoffsaysthestar

    Good players poor team

    As i have said before we don't have poor players it's getting them to gel, that is the hard part ,with Woodgate it wasn't happening with Warnock it is. Saville was getting slagged off on here as was Mcnair,Fletcher,Friend,Tav etc.
  10. turnoffsaysthestar

    Car tax what a fiddle?

    I sold my car on the 10th of june effectively losing 20 days of tax(2/3 £12.50) =£8.33, I bought a car taxed it on 20th june and paid £150 losing another 20 days=£8.33 The car was not right so i took it back and exchanged it on the 28th of june I taxed the new car on the 28th june £150 losing...
  11. turnoffsaysthestar

    watching first dates ,pumped up lips

    Does anybody find this attractive?
  12. turnoffsaysthestar

    Coronavirus it's not gone away

    300 deaths in the last two days Spain 6 deaths Italy 45 deaths France 32 deaths and we are opening up like crazy ?In a fortnight to three weeks those figures must start to rise again!
  13. turnoffsaysthestar

    pc covering bases on the tele

    One Caucasian, one Bame , and one woman ,this is the new norm on tv ,sky etc but what about the oldies? No Jamie Rednap bring on Harry Rednap
  14. turnoffsaysthestar

    SO how much tele are you watching and what?

    I reckon 7 till 11 that's 28 hours plus an extra 4 hours at the weekend =32 hours I watch a fair bit of recorded stuff off the main channels(no adverts), netflix occasionally, prime very rarely and Now for the football.
  15. turnoffsaysthestar

    1000 cases a day for all of June

    Covid 19 has not gone away we seem to have accepted this figure? also accepting 100 + deaths a day this cannot be right!
  16. turnoffsaysthestar

    Messages/adverts on the seats

    We are not here! and? Unity is strength? there must be hundreds i have missed said in danish accent like ultrecht son of ultrecht Destiny is all!
  17. turnoffsaysthestar

    If only

    Warnock could have come in sooner to help Woodgate then that would have been better than woodgate and keane
  18. turnoffsaysthestar

    Publc address system

    In the citah match what were they saying -put your mask on, sanitise your hands,is anybody there? hello!, keep your distance!
  19. turnoffsaysthestar

    Ayala and others

    Like him is why the season should have ended , it's not a fair playing field ,if we go down after losing one of our best players what then ? There is also the problem of players now being fit when they were injured before ,Harry Kane for instance !
  20. turnoffsaysthestar

    Does any one on here play Mystify Soccer?

    Apart from me i joined in 2009 with Sparta Rotterdam and when demand for teams fell off we were allowed another team mine being Real Valladolid .I still enjoy it and if anyone is interested there are teams available. Its not hard and some may think it's slow paced but hey ho i have stuck at it...