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  1. Redwurzel

    On course for 75 points at present

    75 points normally gets 6th place, but it may not be enough this season. We should get around 75 points.
  2. Redwurzel

    Charlie Amer

    I am interested in how Charlie Amer became so successful and why it suddenly went wrong. I have just read Gazette and Northern Echo articles about him. He didn't appear to inherit any money coming from an ordinary background from Grangetown. From running a band, working as a Redcoat, and...
  3. Redwurzel

    What's it like at the Channel Ports?

    Its seems to have gone very quiet on news stories about Dover and Kent lorries. How long did it take to clear the 3000 Lorries stuck there at Xmas? Are there long queues currently to bring goods in and out of the UK?
  4. Redwurzel

    Boro first team to beat Wycombe by more than 1 goal this season

    According to the BBC three counties commentator on the live game today. They didn't look a team who are bottom for the league, so a good win.
  5. Redwurzel

    How much snow - up North?

    Is there a few inches of snow in the Teesside area? Anyone live in South Yorkshire? what is like there?
  6. Redwurzel

    Harry Pearson on shopping at Jack Hatfield's

    I had to laugh out loud this morning on how Harry Pearson described going to Jack Hatfield's for some boys football boots in 1970ish, when reading his book the The Farther Corner. I don't think he will mind me quoting a small bit. "The Hatfield brothers were fantastic salesmen. They shouted and...
  7. Redwurzel

    Rotherham yesterday

    1 Rotherham player had Covid19 yesterday afternoon at 1.00pm and he was known about on Friday but several others strating showing signs on Saturday and did not want to play. I would guess everyone in their bubble will be tested every other day over the next week. The Saturday test results are...
  8. Redwurzel

    Breaking into the top 6

    Great time to break into the top 6 for the first time this season. No longer just knocking on the door.
  9. Redwurzel

    Some bargains @ Debenhams

    There quite a few bargains at my local Debenhams at present such as all Skechers footwear @ 50% off. Most clothing is 40% off.
  10. Redwurzel

    Have we appealed against Morsy's Red Card?

    I thought Morsy's red card was very harsh probably the harshest I have seen considering the playing conditions. I haven't heard if we appealed. It must be reviewed today if we have appealed. Any one heard anything?
  11. Redwurzel

    Is the Riverside pitch too greasy?

    A lot of falling over again last night by a lot of players. Look at how Morsy falls over like he is on ice, then the pen kicker slips. Norwich game Tav does the same - thats 2 double pen hits in the last 4 games at the Riverside. Players were also slipping in the middle of the pitch. It could...
  12. Redwurzel

    Colin Dobson

    Neil Warnock mentioned on Friday seeing Pele play @ Sheff Wed for Santos in the 1960s. He said Colin Dobson missed a Pen in the game and quickly smiled (SU fan in him). 99.9% of Boro fans probably would say Colin who? He played for Sheff Wed, Huddersfield, Bristol Rovers in the 1960s and 70s...
  13. Redwurzel

    Lessons from today (with hindsight)

    When a number of players have played quite a few games this season look to use all 5 subs with subs starting at the beginning of the second half. I think we used 3 and 2 of them were near the end. Huddersfield had had more hours to rest and prepare, use subs to try and narrow the difference and...
  14. Redwurzel

    Dijksteel's injury?

    He seemed a shadow of his normal self in the second half - was he injured? or was he upset about something? At times he looked to the bench, but they did not replace him till very near the end.
  15. Redwurzel

    U23s Game today - is it being broadcast?

    Sometimes these games are shown on You Tube etc? We kicked off at 1pm
  16. Redwurzel

    Knocking on the door

    Not far off the top 6 now and on course for 74 points with a good goal difference.
  17. Redwurzel

    306 to 232 all votes now counted - Biden's margin of victory 74

    Not very close in the end, unless Trump and his lawyers can get the election officials to ignore all the postal votes. It doesn't look like Trump will accept defeat. Quite sad and worrying what has happened to America.
  18. Redwurzel

    Rosie Jones on Question Time

    Well done to Rosie Jones for her comments on BBC Question Time last night. She summend up some of the struggles that people with disability face and she has obviously overcome some of them to become a professional comedian. I noticed she said she had her Disability Living Allowance taken away...
  19. Redwurzel

    Northern Ireland Game

    I watched most of the game. I thought the result was hard on them. They seemed to have twice as many chances as the Slovakians. And of course could have won in the 90th minute when they hit the post. McNair was rated as their second best player after Dallas on the BBC website. McNair was...
  20. Redwurzel

    On course for 76 points

    If we can replicate the first 11 games results for the rest of the season on course for at least 76 points - nearly always gets a team a top 6 spot. Compared with last season we have done better on our last 3 results - beat Forest opposed to draw, drew at Blackburn instead of lost and the same...