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    Glastonbury 2021 - Postponed again!

    Depesits roll over if you still want to go in 2022!
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    9/11 Documentary recommendations
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    He speaks Spanish very well!!
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    Woodgate on Talksport

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    Ref on Bbc tees clarifies the rule

    Its just happened in the Fulham Everton game!
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    Tech advice - TV’s

    You'll need something like this: plug it in to your sky box and the each tv in to the splitter!
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    Is Tyson Fury a fraud?

    You're right, i didnt see it, because he didnt say that!! He said he turned down more money to fight Fury... no number was mentioned!! Canelo is the current active boxer who pulls in the biggest PPV numbers and he averages around £35m per fight! No way on earth was wilder getting 100m!!!
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    Is Tyson Fury a fraud?

    £100m???? Nonsense!!!
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    Is Tyson Fury a fraud?

    AJs isnt a warmup fight, its a mandatory!
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    Trial Road Closure Acklam/Tollesby

    Hope it doesnt close, thats my route to and from work!
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    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    a lot of these comments translate to "I dont like something, so everyone else shouldn't like it too" same kind of people who complain to ofcom when theres something on tv they dont like!!
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    Band of Brothers

    Its called Masters of the Air IMDB
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    Chuba Amechi Akpom

    According to the below article, Arsenal have a 40% sell on clause which might explain the high fee!! Link here!
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    Craig Johns in Gazette

    Our starting 11 last night, according to Transfer Market, has a combined value of £24.75m! Add substitute Wing to that for a total of £27.27m.
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    Dael Fry

    On Thursday, Fry was told by Warnock he's only 85% fit and wouldn't play!
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    Sam Morsy - Three Year Deal

    Yawn.... get back to football manager mate!
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    Sam Morsy - Three Year Deal

    Not arguing, just stating a fact!
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    Sam Morsy - Three Year Deal

    Yes it was, I don’t know about Browne cos I don’t follow him but Britt was!