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    Anyone had a DNA ancestry test?

    The Highland Clearances thread raised questions of nationality and ancestry. Almost by definition, Infant Herculeans are often of migrant stock. I'm mostly Scots/Irish going back a few generations, but my knowledge is pretty much limited to an oral history from family members. I'm thinking of...
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    Young uns Graeme Miles R4

    Listening to My Muse: The Young 'uns on Graeme Miles on BBC Radio 4. Excellent stuff. Obviously, it's heavily Teesside/Cleveland influenced. I never thought I'd hear a song about Port Clarence!
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    Heading, dementia and Boro

    An informative article from today's Guardian on football-related industrial injury such as dementia, Alzheimers, MND. Unfortunately, it's rather Boro centric, with Big Jack, Bill Gates, Nobby Stiles and Willie Maddren all featuring
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    Jack Charlton in his own words

    Just came across this on Soundcloud