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    12 Day Quiz - DAY 6 RESULTS - Day 7 question posted - Guess Erimus74's favourite Boro footballers

    Graeme Souness. The best player I ever saw at Ayresome Park
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    Farage the Spreader

    Open this up with a warning it may be an image you may not easily forget
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    Potential next match?

    World Cup? I think you mean the Euros Wilf.
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    Bernie Sanders pulls out of presidential race

    "Their economy is the best its been in nearly 40years" Was. And it was because of the seeds put in place by Obama by the way.
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    When did Boris become the messiah

    200,000 "stupid people" who went to Cheltenham. If the Authorities had done the right thing and called it off ( as many other events had been previously closed off the weekend before) then think how many lives that may have saved. But no the racegoers didn't think that there was a danger. If the...
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    Adomah and Rhodes

    Funny how you define “class”. If he was he would be playing in the Premier League. If he was he would be playing regular first team football, if he was he would be remembered as a consistently good performer. He is and was none of those and therefore whilst he did play well at times he does not...
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    Ben Gibson and Sean Dyche

    I always looked upon Gibson as a really good character to have in the dressing room/training ground. Certainly behind the scenes videos used to paint him in an excellent light and he was very popular with all the staff. I don't see him as a Bamford personality at all.
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    This clap for Boris #

    Everything that Ian Duncan Smith says or does makes me want to punch him very hard. That isn’t a good trait he has
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    Black Sabbath - Tony Iommi

    Im not a fan but I love it.
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    Ascot could be run behind closed doors

    Cheltenham went ahead when the Government were still in the throes of a “herd immunity” strategy which thank god has been put to bed.
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    Ascot could be run behind closed doors

    They would have to have emergency services there and that isn't going to happen until lock downs are relaxed
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    Marianne Faithfull hospitalized for COVID-19

    God bless her. Hope she pulls through. A bit of quiz trivia for you. MF became the first person to say "f.u.c.k." in a mainstream studio picture. A film called I’ll Never Forget What’s is Name with Oliver Reed and Orion Wells.
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    Labour Party finally has a credible leader again

    Why are you going over old ground? It strikes me that you are not a Labour Party supporter in any shape or form now, if indeed you ever were, so understand your cynicism. Fact is Kier Starmer isn't anti Semite and as he’s the leader now that’s a very good thing. And by the way I don't believe...
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    This clap for Boris #

    Surely it wasnt a credible call for action? Please tell me nobody actually did this?
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    That Tomi Lahren character. She sums up everything that is wrong about the US and its complete detatchment from reality
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    Pubs closed till September

    Its a unique culture that in the past has been admired by any visitor to these shores. The great British pub. Do we really want to see it disappear? As said above I don't think we will see a massive culture shift.
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    Cycling - Transcontinental Race

    Talking of cycling books and endurance cycling can I recommend this book.
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    Pubs closed till September

    ] I presume that is One over the Ait? I know the Steam Packet near Kew Bridge? That’s sad.
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    That Ben Stokes Test at Headingley

    Radio 5 Live Sports Extra are running all 4 days of the test match commentary ball by ball starting today. The fact I can have a test match special commentary as background noise gives me some semblance of normality. Starts at 10:25 am