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  1. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    So far this decade Bands have only spent 3 weeks at Number 1

    Sorry to be "that guy", but...
  2. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    So far this decade Bands have only spent 3 weeks at Number 1

    Bands mean compromising with others. Artistically, money wise. When you really only need a computer to make music, you don't need that. I think later in the podcast, they were scratching their heads about the biggest bands now formed since 2000, and only really came up with the Arctic Monkeys...
  3. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Gary O'Neil

    Just shows the lack of top quality English managers that he's even in the conversation, for me. Potter, Howe, maybe Carsley....then Lampard, Gerrard, and the other bunch of "fail upward" squad. Another year down the track and I'd bet Carrick would be seriously in the mix. BBC reckons this...
  4. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Rilet McGree's tache.

    Looks like he's just about to take his crate over the briney to take on Johnny Hun and his Messerschmidt. (from the websites picture of training this morning).
  5. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Next England Manager

    Dream team; Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney. Bibs, balls and cones.
  6. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Harry Kane

    Shearer said a couple of weeks ago that when he realised he couldn't run beyond the defence anymore that he had to call time on his international career, and he thought the same was happening to Kane. But he was clearly injured. The issue for me is who is going to lead the attack like he has...
  7. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Can Anyone Recognise These Teesside Pictures From 1986?

    7 looks a bit like one of the streets off Princes Road, certainly going toward the town centre.
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    Happy birthday Rob!!

    Our leader, our guru, our obergruppenfuhrer. 27 today, something like that! Happy birthday!
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    "ENGLAND F....."
  10. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Cameron Archer

    Has gone back to Villa, effectively on a free. Sheff U were supposed to pay £18m but have only paid a small amount of the installaments, so they're treating the money they have paid as a loan fee for the last season. Trouble is there's no way we'd be able to afford him. Even with an in and...
  11. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    England players that have played in EFL

    Saw this today, in the I never knew that category. Watkins made his league debut for Exeter in their last game of the 2013-14 season, in a 2-0 win at Pools.
  12. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    10 Years Ago Today

    One of the funniest things I've ever seen.
  13. atomicloonybin aka ALB


    If we did get PR, I suspect we'd get soft left centrist parties for a very long time. Someone (Leadsom?) said last night that the Tories are the natural party of government. Not really. The percentage of votes for Lab / LD / Green is over 50%, and that's been pretty stable for most of my life...
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    If you've got £500, someone top say that they're your agent, and 10 nominations from the constituency you're standing in, you can stand for Parliament. I suspect the votes that go there are effectively "None of the Above". Personally, I'd add that box to the form and see what the count of...
  15. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    "I don't like Starmer so I'm voting for Farage"

    This is exactly what is happening in Clacton. I did see some left wing accounts last night asking Labour voters to give their vote to the Conservative to keep Farage out; effectively saying that Labour can't win there. The (then current) poll still had the Tories ahead there. I was thinking...
  16. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Can you name a worse tournament?

    I'm old enough to remember the 1970 World Cup onwards. We didn't even bloody qualify for a World Cup again until 1982, and it seemed that everyone in England was claiming some Scottish heritage or buying Bay City Rollers records. I was listening to the Lineker podcast, can't remember which of...
  17. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Own anything rare?

    I still have an unopened bottle of the white wine the Boro produced for the Carling Cup win. Bet the actual wine is rancid now. Bit like the Boro, ho ho.
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    ‘We don’t have a natural replacement for kalvin phillips’

    I wouldn't be surprised to see him try Stones in the defensive CM slot, since he seems utterly preoccupied by protecting the backline. The left side has been an utter disaster so far. To come in with one LB who hasn't played since February and is expected to come in and play 90 minutes is gross...
  19. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Your long song...

    George Clinton to guitarist Eddie Hazel - "Play like your momma just died". Aaaaanyway...
  20. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Parking at Old Trafford

    You could park in one of the further away car parks and get the tram right to the ground. It'll be busy but doable.