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  1. J

    What do you put on your hamburger?

    Raw onion at home but fried if out. Never tomato and only a bit of lettuce. Bit of chilli sauce and Mayo and some cheddar, jobs a goodun 👍
  2. J

    According to bet365 (England manager odds)

    Should go all out for Klopp. Winner, tactically astute, knows the players and how to deal with big egos, attack minded etc etc. It will be Potter I think and more years of winning nowt.
  3. J

    7/7 2005 London

    Was watching the news when the first reports of travel issues started coming through. A mate at the time lived in Russell Square so a lot of worry before we found out he was safe. I had just completed a degree at SOAS which is right near where the bus went up and that morning my final results...
  4. J

    Vets prices

    My Westie had to see the vet last Summer for a dental. He did need to be knocked out and a couple of little (already very loose) teeth pulled. I got a call from the vets just before he was about to go under, asking if I wanted him to have a drip. I asked if that was needed and they told me...
  5. J

    Places you'd love to live

    Cape Town was fantastic when I stayed for a couple of months. Weather was fantastic, wine was too and great restaurants, all at amazing prices. I loved it, until I had a gun pulled on me by someone who was about 12. Kinda put me off. Barcelona is a good shout and Berlin is great but I could see...
  6. J

    Who will you Vote for?

    Labour, simply because I want a competent government. I originally planned to vote Green as a protest against Starmers treatment of Jezza but the risks of Reform or Tories are too high. If I still lived in Islington, Jezza would be getting my vote but I moved a few years ago so that option is...
  7. J

    I’ve seen a lot of digs at Southgate.

    My thoughts are that he gives his players strict instructions, and this has worked for the last few tournaments, but Bellingham particularly isn't listening and wandering all over. It makes him look great as a player, if what he does works, but often it hasn't. Clearly the left hand side and...
  8. J

    Election Prediction coming from London

    Got to pop over to the shops later to get some Champagne in. My late husband and I used to sit up to watch election nights with a couple of bottles in the fridge. A couple of times they remained there unopened, sadly. Can't see this being one of those occasions.
  9. J

    Election Prediction coming from London

    I don't think the undecided are the worry as that segment of the vote usually splits evenly and many won't vote at all (according to things I have heard from pollsters). However, a lot of Tories state they will not be voting but many then will. The issue is whether they will vote Tory or Reform...
  10. J

    Let's see your Dogs

    How do you put a pic up from an iPhone? Tried yesterday and the system kept saying there was a problem. Maybe I misspelled doggy as dogging?
  11. J

    Let's see your Dogs

    I live in London and about 5 minutes walk from Hampstead Heath. It take 20 minutes to get him there as he is determined to pee on almost anything before we get there. Wonderful dogs but stubborn as anything. Hates being clean and is certainly not a lap dog.
  12. J

    Let's see your Dogs

    How old is your Westie, cracking pic that like. I have a 9yr old and what a character he is. No idea how to put a picture up.
  13. J


    I love those new Lu biscuits. Typical that the price has gone up and the number/size of the biscuits has reduced recently though!!!
  14. J

    Drunks arrested on my flight.

    At Rome airport a couple of years ago I went to the bar and it was rammed with idiots and the place was full of those little beer flies and beer was about £10 a pop. I decided against it and walked on about 50 yards and there was a lovely wine bar. Bought a decent bottle of white for about...
  15. J

    Drunks arrested on my flight.

    The amount I drink is dependent on the time of takeoff and if it's short or long-haul. I have a couple of pints and a glass of wine before short-haul flights. For long-haul, 3 or 4 pints and then a few shorts courtesy of the airline. Only banned from Star Alliance and Easy Jet so far, so still...
  16. J

    US Open tips and fancies

    Fleetwood e/w for me.
  17. J

    Your Childhood deprivation

    Had some occasional rough times financially as a family, to be honest it tended to be feast or famine. Remember someone pointing out the strange pattern we had on the Lino flooring in the kitchen. It was actually where my Mam had been cutting out 50p shapes for the gas meter 😂. Also remember...
  18. J

    iPhone advice

    Had an SE that lasted 5 years, simple set up and does everything I wanted it too. When it packed in, bought the same but later version. Had it for nearly 4 years and no issues. Links to my iPad, which I use for browsing, seamlessly. When I was using Android, always found them a faff.
  19. J

    Kieran Scott

    4 or 5 quality players 👍. Really think the club and the fans are thinking the same way. Bring it on 🙌
  20. J

    Do you use snus?

    You mean our carers carry them surely?