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    Coburn v Ballard

    Considering you have a squad that has Fry, Lenihan and Clarke, that’s a bit rich, the reason you never got automatic promotion last year was you conceded too many goals, Ballard is light years ahead of all of them.
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    Birmingham to finish above Sunderland?

    under Beale we have 7 points from 4 games, but don’t let the facts get in the way of your hatred
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    Finn Azaz

    He’s a Plymouth player
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    Wasn’t really a result to get upset over was it🤷 Put into context the poorest 45 mins this season albeit with 10 men still 4th, not to sure there is too much to be upset about 👍
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    He’s a very insecure insular individual, typing from his parents box room that the internet has given a voice too.Basically a coward before the internet turned him into a Boro Rambo 😂
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    Is this Hoolio?

    Is the bungalow on the bridge still adorned with Sunderland flags and gnomes 😂 Used to bump into the fella that owned it all over the country, always well dressed polite guy.
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    Is this Hoolio?

    Them the lads who used to walk from Billingham to SOL every season raising money for charity?
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    Is this Hoolio?

    plenty of Sunderland fans in billingham, still see some of them home and away, Always picked plenty up at Billingham Friday nights for the London and southern away games back in the days, decent lads. They used to go in then pub on the old A19, or that pub on the estate where the golf course...
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    2 minutes after the players left the pitch, are you and indeedio girlfriend and girlfriend 🤷
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    enjoy your open top bus parade to celebrate beating 10 men in your cup final 👍
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    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 You really are a bitter weapons grade bellend
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    He’s correct we struggle to break teams down that defend deep 😏 Today two of our most threatening attacks came from your corners, once teams are set in a defensive shape we struggle a bit, we need a central striker with better movement to open teams up.
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    Blatant pen, thought the ref was poor, Both Smith & Crooks should have been booked for fouls on Clarke midway through first half.
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    Sending off changed the game, pretty even up until then. Second half you lot made the pitch big found the space and Jones ran riot. Surprised Mogga never put Onien into centre mid at half time, left us wide open with no central midfielder on the pitch. It is what it is now, history we move on
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    If Engel plays on Saturday i think he'll get absolutely tortured

    Clarke plays on the left, Roberts if he starts will be the 10, Ba will torture him though 👍
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    Sunderland win but….

    We score first, you lot are Fooked 😂
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    So only Clarke gets into your team of league one plodders 😂😂😂😂😂 And you call Sunderland fans deluded 😂😂😂😂
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    What’s the difference between us and Sunderland?

    Sunderland are signing rough diamonds for Mogga to polish, Boro are signing turds for Carrick to polish 👍
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    How’s it gone so wrong so quickly

    A donkey upfront, two cart horses as centre backs and a league one midfield. Hope that helps, but I told you most of that in January after you lost your cup final 👍