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    So far this decade Bands have only spent 3 weeks at Number 1

    I am not so sure that bands will come back. Its cheaper to tour as a soloist, and touring is where the money is these days.
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    Daley Thompson Documentary Last Night - BBC 2

    Was a fitness coach for a short time for my university football team. Great bloke he was too.
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    Team of the Tournament

    The Whoscored team was way better than this
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    Lucy letby

    Multiple links on the guardian. Letby stated that she agreed at her original trial that 2 of the babies were poisoned by insulin but she denied by her.
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    Lucy letby

    You are right i quoted from the wrong trial, and the stat was calculated wrongly anyway. Of course she was found innocent because the prosecution pathologist didn't disclose the evidence that the first child died of natural causes. Statistically speaking the 2 childrens are much more likely to...
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    Lucy letby

    They were getting more collapses/deaths in a month than they were getting in a whole year for the unit when she was initially suspended. At her trail the chances of her statistically being innocent were quoted as 1 in 73 million.
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    Too many Prisoners

    I don't even see how this is even news they have been releasing prisioners early before the end of their sentence since last year to combat overcrowding, initially 18 days early, 35 to 60 days in March then it was increased to 70 in May.
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    Coulson to Blackpool

    Good luck to him. Played for england at quite a few age groups growing up. Has a good bit of skill but just never developed physically enough to play at our level.
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    Apart from Sporar

    Beat me to it teacider
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    England v Oman

    If you think that will happen I would have a bet on it you will. Whilst there is a chance of rain in the west indies at the moment, there isn't enough to rain off a game at the moment. Scotland won't get anywhere near to beating australia.
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    Do you reckon you could you win a fight against a chimp?

    What about the 7% reckon they can take on a grizzly bear.
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    Glastonbury 2024

    I think the lineup overall is pretty good. The lineup for the Pyramid and other stage I find a bit weak and very conservative. Fair enough a lot of of artists are not to my taste, but other years it has and its not been so middle of the road and poppy. The pyramid stage lineup is the sort that...
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    Triple Lock Plus for pensioners

    If the pensions go up at the current rate you would start paying tax in 2years
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    Dentists arrgghhhh

    they only really do extractions in hospital and he would almost certainly need a referral from a dentist.
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    Triple Lock Plus for pensioners

    They really don't have choice but to raise the threshold the rate pensions are going up and the fact the tax thresholds are frozen for years. It would meant every basic state pensioner would be pay tax and having to submit a tax return. Both unpopular and expensive.
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    Triple Lock Plus for pensioners

    This isn't true. In european terms we are about in the middle if you take into consideration cost of living. In absolute terms a UK pension is in the top half. Of course anyone living on the just the state pension is not living in luxury but all this benefit also goes to some of the richest...
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    Where would Celtic finish in the Premier League?

    I think you are being conservative with 90%, probably pretty much 100%. Even the tax is higher in Scotland.
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    Under 17's England v Spain

    We have no players in the squad as far as I can see.
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    Where would Celtic finish in the Premier League?

    In the championship they would be pretty competitive and yes they would do well support wise initially but a few years in the championship that they would soon get sick of that. They wouldn't find it easy to get out of the championship as they would struggle to compete against teams with...
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    Where would Celtic finish in the Premier League?

    I don't think their fan base would stick around in as many numbers. It would shrink pretty quickly getting hammered most weeks, they would have a poorer squad than most teams and no european football.