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    Michael Carrick not sold on Josh Coburn

    I would not take Bailey as gospel. Coburn will be a good reserve option and from the bench next season.
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    POLL: Win tomorrow night or promotion?

    These polls always turn up when England get close in a major finals. Say you did the poll on a Saturday morning next May and Boro need a point at Coventry to go up. I wonder how many who said England would still say the same or if we get to another cup final? I guess it would be 90% Boro. The...
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    Cameron Archer

    another player who had his best year at Boro. Did ok at Preston but not made it at Villa and did not look premier league standard albeit at a poor team in Sheff Utd. I agree with the view that Villa would struggle to get anywhere near £10m particularly in the current climate. I think a loan fee...
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    Celtic interested in signing McGree

    Forss has 2 years left
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    Ryan Giles signs..

    make that 2, the club has moved on as have most of us
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    Fixtures - 48 hours to go

    Think that was when we were 2-0 down and getting battered. We someone nicked a 2-2 with 2 late goals, think it was Friend you got the equaliser?
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    It worries me about the type of person Labour are attracting

    Well put it another way. If it was just left wingers and labour didn't attract new voters from the Tories then they would never be in power. Left wing parties will never win power, Corbyn and Foot were electoral disasters. The Tories will sift to the right to appease reform and will had no...
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    Will Lankshear

    why? apart from message board I have seen zero reports on him been unhappy or other clubs sniffing. had a poor injruy hit season but looked useful when he plays.
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    I looked at his career, seems like he was at Anderlecht for only 3 months (6 weeks after season started) before he went to Villa. Unclear if they had issues living aboard or if the job offer at Villa was to good to turn down. Hardly a big history of working with Kompany.
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    Boro - Currently 12-1 Joint 2nd Favourites To Win Championship Title

    I doubt Norwich will be shorter than us or West Brom. For sure Burnley, Southampton/Leeds and Luton would be higher. I think we will be better than Sheff Utd. I do think Stoke, Coventry and Portsmouth will be contenders for play offs next year at least.
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    Riley McGree

    Don't understand these Forss rumours constantly on Boro message boards or twitter. Has 2 years left never seen a single credible rumour in the press that he wants away, has 2 years left and tends to play when fit. Would only sell if we get a decent offer and a profit and cant see that after the...
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    Ayling in talks

    i assume he is contracted until 30th June at Leeds so unless we want to pay a transfer fee, I don't think we can announce anything until 1 July.
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    Steve Gibson's fmttm Q and A - Thursday

    I noted a few posts about competence along with ambition and financial muscle. I don't think you can question his ambition and finances which as we still a consistent top 30 club (as we should be by attendance levels). Competence I think he knows mistakes have been made, particularity in 2017...
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    3 players to get us promoted

    He has 2 yearss left, signed a four year contract in 2022 when he joined, hes going nowehere
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    There are a lot of know it alls on here and the reality is none of us know if Hackney will be sold or not. My view is that is value has been affected by him missing half the season through injury. He has only proven himself over 1 season and I would be surprised we would get offers in excess of...
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    Doesn’t look like it’s going to be a sell out on Monday

    Sunderland and Newcastle are bigger games for most Boro fans. I think for the older generation Leeds is a big game but not for all. Everyone will have a team they don't like outside of the 2 north east teams, mine is Forest, fans are arrogant and deluded.
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    No Ayling and Greenwood v dirties so what do we go with

    I would like to see Bangura as a LWB, Engel as a LCB, with Clarke CB, Rav RCB and Jones RWD. Howson, O'Brien in midfield, Azaz as a no10 and Latte up top. I would give Gilbert a go on the right with Sammy. Hackney (if fit) and Finch coming off the bench.
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    Jones - new 3 year contract

    It was Hackney's first season, at a decent level. The year before he was at Scunthorpe & not sure if he was a regular. I hardly think he was impatient last summer to move on. This year he has struggled with injury, I doubt he would want away, unless we get a £20-25m offer which would be too good...
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    Jones - new 3 year contract

    Don't get this Forss or McGree speculation. Only appears to be on fan chatrooms. Forss has 2 years left on his contract and see no reason for us to sell. If I was a buyer you would look at both Forss and McGree this season and run a mile. Both have missed over half the season. Who the hell would...
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    Appearances totals of key players in 23-24, why we missed out.

    yeah not sure he would be in first choice 11. Howson/Hackney still there for me