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  1. tonybiriyani

    Red Faction meeting tonight

    The ground would be a morgue without their efforts 👏
  2. tonybiriyani

    Patio recommendations

    From the prices we got they were about average, we went with a cheaper one at first but ended up telling them to come and take it all up
  3. tonybiriyani

    Patio recommendations

    Driveline done ours last year, done a really good job
  4. tonybiriyani

    POLL: Win tomorrow night or promotion?

    Would love to win tomorrow night but Boro over England always
  5. tonybiriyani

    Biden introduces Zelensky as Putin at Nato event

    I often call my son by my brother's name and vice versa. When I was younger our mam would call me by a couple of her brothers names, then our dog, and finally mine 😄
  6. tonybiriyani

    Who will you Vote for?

    Labour, can't wait to see the back of this lot!
  7. tonybiriyani

    Election Prediction coming from London

    I don't think that will be too far out, all this talk of a super majority is just mind games. I don't hear a massive urge to vote Labour in talking to people, more a not voting Tory attitude, let's see on Friday morning 🤞
  8. tonybiriyani

    Do you think we'll win against the Swiss?

    Hope I'm wrong but I just can't see us getting past them.
  9. tonybiriyani

    No England manager has got us to 3 semi-finals

    Can't have been watching them long
  10. tonybiriyani

    Bad waxworks

    I remember there being a really bad waxworks museum in Great Yarmouth, we were tempted to go in as the ones you could see outside were so bad they were funny
  11. tonybiriyani

    Election Canvassing

  12. tonybiriyani

    Election Canvassing

    Had loads of leaflets but no door knockers here in Linthorpe.
  13. tonybiriyani

    Are we all cheering for Scotland against Hungary tonight then?

    Not really the same in international Football
  14. tonybiriyani

    Will Scotland get the result they need tonight?

    Love it - certainly better than that dirge we have.
  15. tonybiriyani

    Are we all cheering for Scotland against Hungary tonight then?

    My son and brother both live in Edinburgh, so I'll be rooting for Scotland. To be fair I always want the home nations to progress
  16. tonybiriyani

    Been seeing Vote Labour posters on some unexpected places

    Was about to post the same, went Father's day
  17. tonybiriyani

    RIP Kevin Campbell

    Sad news, RIP
  18. tonybiriyani

    Millwall Keeper Sarkic died aged 26

    Shocking news 😔
  19. tonybiriyani

    Boro fans in the Northeast what are your postcodes

    Live in TS5, born and bred in TS1