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  1. Comforts_comforter

    Traffick gridlock on teesside main roads this morning !!

    It was Southbound too, as I got stuck in it on Monday and Tuesday.
  2. Comforts_comforter

    Traffick gridlock on teesside main roads this morning !!

    Newport Bridge is closed for 7 weeks (started this week). So my assumption is the A19 Southbound is busier than normal and the traffic is bottle-necking higher up than the usual place (Norton junction) and that is pushing people into Wolviston and Billingham to try and skirt around it. Couple...
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    Official Spain 🇪🇸 v France 🇫🇷 thread with no adverts - today at 8pm

    Spain have played some good football throughout the tournament, yet I still have a feeling it will be France to make the finals first.
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    Silverstone F1 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 with commentary and spoilers

    12 races and 6 different winners. F1 is back, baby!
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    Sponsorless kit

    in tore, only? I hope no one was "ripped" off. Sorry.
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    I think both Express and Nord offer a 30 day free trial. So you could try both and settle on whichever is your favourite. Then cancel before you are billed. Google "VPN free trial". Once again, good luck.
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    If memory serves, it knows you've turned it off and insists you turn it back on before it plays. A kind of Schrödinger's cat scenario, if you will
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    As a further point to note. If you are trying the sly app on a mobile device, or a tablet, then it may have its location activated in the settings. Then a VPN won't help you as the app will know, through said devices GPS, where it is. You will have no such issues with a laptop, though.
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    I have used Nord successfully in the past. The trick with a VPN is it may have several servers in one country, so if one doesn't work try another. With Nord there is a re-load type button that does this for you. Good luck
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    Bob Mortimer Autobiography has anybody on here read it?

    Most definitely. He has written a follow up to the Satsuma complex and I can't wait to read it when it is released.
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    South Stand Singing Section

    I know a season card holder who will now sit within this new "singing section" and he hasn't been consulted, or asked to move. Strange.
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    Jones - new 3 year contract

    Good business.
  13. Comforts_comforter

    Anybody on here going to the Euro Finals in Germany?

    I have tickets for Albania V Spain in Dusseldorf and France v Poland in Dortmund. Funny thing is I could have been watching France v Wales.
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    Electric cars Depreciation

    I filled up my 5.0 litre V8 supercharged car at the petrol station on Friday. Estimated range was 210 miles. That's less than my EV :ROFLMAO: No point to this post, other than it amused me.
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    Electric cars Depreciation

    Got my first EV December 2020. It seemed to start off ok and then went rapidly downhill. Most definitely easier charging now than even back in 2020 due to the rise in chargers. There are still not enough though!
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    Electric cars Depreciation

    I've owned an EV for coming up four years. I am self-employed and a business owner, so the tax benefits made it a no-brainer. I do have access to other vehicles within the household including a 5 litre V8! I had a home charger installed prior to the car being delivered, so I was ready from the...
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    Spotify is brilliant

    In my case I may have a cellular signal but it will be E or 3g (so, not very reliable) and it'll just hang. Once I enter a decent cellular zone it will spark into life, usually just to make me jump! Sometimes if I force close the app I can get it to re-establish a connection long enough for it...
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    Spotify is brilliant

    The implementation of audiobooks, on spotify, is awful. The app jumps through chapters randomly if I try to rewind a little bit of the book I might have missed and if I don't have a WIFI signal (or decent cellular coverage - impossible where I live) the app won't start the book, even though it...
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    Best ever sci fi space ship?

    This is my kind of nerdy thread. Love it.
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    Southampton (A) Ticket Info 🎟️

    I'm driving down Thursday night, after the kids have broken up for Easter. Plan to stop in a premier inn around the Leicester area, then head off early Friday morning. Staying in Southampton for a couple of nights and plan to take a day trip excursion to the Isle of Wight on the Saturday...