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    Boro's 25 Man Squad

    No ball at his feet though? Not even got boots on, comparing to Forrs is a bit of a low bar, he’s also miles off, I don’t think either will play until November at the earliest
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    Boro's 25 Man Squad

    I’m not sure Tommy Smith will be in that 25, he’s apparently still weeks away from kicking a ball, don’t see him being back in first team action until back end of the year, they won’t include him if that is the case. I’d expect Djiksteel to be off if they can get a fee for him and then a RB...
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    New kit

    I’m not a fan of the white chest band, can understand why it’s moved up, as any lower it just looks like it’s been put there to house the sponsors logo. I guess the club think the band gives us some identity, I always think it just looks cheap. Hopefully the away kit is a winner, but I won’t be...
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    So much for not having a gambling sponsor

    Gambling companies are being outlawed from shirt sponsorship from the start of the 26/27 season. Gambling companies have 2 seasons now to maiximise their advertising streams. So most are blowing competition out of the water with deals they are offering clubs, too good to turn down. It's going to...
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    Sunderland for the drop?

    It seems crazy to me that you make an interim (internal) appt with 4 months of the season left and get a month into the close season and still not made an appt. To me it feels like they were waiting for someone and they’ve turned them down. They were a one man team last season as soon as Clarke...
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    Do we live in a democracy?

    We don’t live in a democracy, we vote for leaders but they don’t make the decisions anymore, the ‘west’ has become controlled by money and those with the money are controlling the puppets we vote in. It won’t change with a change of government it will just be the same.
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    Harry Souttar

    He’s not for me, not mobile enough, we do I think need a CB, I don’t think Fry, Clarke or Lenihan are top end Champo defenders, they are all OK but not quite good enough I don’t think to get us out of this division. Leeds are making Charlie Cresswell available, fee rumoured to be £3/4m with...
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    Spurs want Hackney and Rav

    Neither of them are going to Spurs, big Ange has publicly said that the majority of their transfer business would be concentrated on the ‘top of the pitch’ as that’s where they have been short this season. There is not a chance they will spend £30m probably a third of their budget on two young...
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    First game of the season

    I’d quite fancy Burnley at home, new manager in, a load of want away players not fancying the championship good time to get them. As for Sheff U, around the end of October please, by that time Wilder will have upset the owners moaning about a poor transfer window, thrown the whole squad under...
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    Snap General Election To Be Called Today?

    I can't see them doing it until the inflation drops below B of E's 2% target that could be next month it was expected to be this month but the figure is higher than they expected, once it drops below 2%that will trigger a change of thinking on interest rates and we will see interest rate cuts in...
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    Reason why Steve Round left Arsenal

    Arteta's is massively overated for me, over the past 4 season's Arsenal have the highest net spend, to me he just a Pep mimmick, but without the humility Pep has. He's way too intense, Pep is intense but noticeably tones the intensity down when he teams reach peak points in the season, thus...
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    Ben Gibson contract not renewed at Norwich

    He was awful in the 2nd leg against Leeds, has no pace and his positional play was dreadful. He was good for us for a couple of seasons, but he had so much protection in front of him, made him look better than he was, got found out at Burnley and been at best average for Norwich every time I’ve...
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    Latte Lath - Gazette Live articles

    SG hasn’t exactly written off Gibson O’Neiils Loans, he’s just effectively removed them from the balance sheet. Only reason I can think he would do this is to make the club more attractive to a potential buyer, the club would never be profitable enough to ever pay it back, so the only way he...
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    Latte Lath - Gazette Live articles

    You haven’t factored in the monthly losses on income to expenditure, which looking at last of accounts are averaging £1m per month. Currently we need to sell one player at £12m every year to break even. One thing seems clear to me from SG’s recent direction is his isn’t prepared to fund the club...
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    Latte Lath - Gazette Live articles

    Every Boro player is ‘up for sale’ if an offer comes in for ELL or any other player & Boro think it matches there valuation, they’ll sell and reinvest albeit a much smaller amount in a replacement, that’s where we are, just need to get used to it. Not to worry anyone but a mate spotted ELL in...
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    Should 3pm Saturday games have been kept sacrosanct?

    The 3pm black out is there to ‘protect’ lower league/none league clubs, the theory being if Man U, Liverpool etc were on the tv at 3pm the casual fan would sit in their armchair & watch that rather than go & watch their local team, thus costing them vital revenue The world has moved on, I’m sure...
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    No to Sam Greenwood

    Said it on here a few times, I've followed Greenwood's career since he was early teens, he was prolific as a '9' for the Mackems, probably considered one of the brightest english talents, so much so Arsenal nicked from him Sunderland at 16. After a few months they moved him back to a '10', said...
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    Sky Sports + Announced

    That means a minimum of 50% of Boro games won’t be 3pm Saturday kick offs, the days of planning your weekend around a Saturday 3pm kick off are disappearing at a canter
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    Bye Bye Hackney?

    FFS, I hope this isn’t the rubbish we have to read in the summer, Hackney is going nowhere, he’s been injured for 3 months, his value was at a peak when he scored the winner in the SF against Chelsea it’s been on the wane since. West Ham haven’t even got a manager for next season never mind...
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    I need a little help seeing the positive.

    I think there’s lots more to be positive about than end of last season. We’ve solved in my opinion the two most difficult positions - GK who’s good with his feet and can actually keep goal & 20+ goals a season striker. They are hard to find and usually cost three times what we have paid. Can’t...