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    USA visa-ESTA

    It’s straight away they let you know wether approved or declined
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    Huddersfield ticket!

    Hi mate tickets available still
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    Huddersfield ticket!

    Most certainly will won’t know 100% till tomorrow, I will post on here if it’s going spare
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    Huddersfield ticket!

    I may have 3 adults if any good?
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    Playoff Semi Tickets (away)

    Possibly a few at 180 would be my guess
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    Which club do you love/like/follow other than the boro?

    Have a soft spot for Peterborough not sure why 😊
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    Sunderland Away Ticket Info

    Yeah I’ve got that mate thank you
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    Sunderland Away Ticket Info

    Mine doesn’t mine gives you a list of the points and who they gone too but only gives you my total, I will try on the app see if it works on there
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    Sunderland Away Ticket Info

    They don’t I have 5 season tickets but only shows my points I had to ring the ticket office yesterday to make sure the kids and wife had over 180 points.
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    Sunderland Away Ticket Info

    I’ve done all home cup games and 25 away games & still short on the points by probably 1 point 🥹🥹
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    Sunderland ticket info due this* week

    Anyone heard anything further regarding ticket news?.
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    Chuba interesting Palace, Saints and Everton !

    100% he goes nowhere, watch his old videos on YouTube for the 1st time in his life he’s playing with a smile on his face.
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    Sunderland ticket info due this* week

    Do you think 200 will be enough? I have 201 and my 3 kids all have 187 so hoping we will all be in the top bracket!?
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    Boxing Day Attendance

    Wigan sold over 800 so far
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    How many priority points do you have?

    194 🙏 it will be enough for Sunderland away
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    Away ground with the best atmosphere?

    Millwall easy from past 5 years, also Coventry last season was pretty loud
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    Sleep paralysis

    I suffer from this too can be horrifying
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    Hate to say it but Wilder has to go

    Hate to say it but I agree 100%