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    Grassed up by my 18 mth old grandson

    Ha ha, mine outed me as a sexist auld git a while ago. They'd been with me for the two weeks school holiday and at the end I was knackered. They asked me what I was gunna do when they went home and I said first thing was I was gunna have a well deserved nanna nap. They looked at me horrified and...
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    Places you'd love to live

    Ocean Beach, Northland, NZ, on a mid-winter afternoon this week, wouldn't want to be any where else
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    London stabbing

    No, but two machetes, which is what you were saying I had no justification for owning. Do you still think that after my response or are you going to try to deflect by now going on about swords? You came up with an ill-informed, kneejerk reaction and asked the question where do you buy a machete...
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    London stabbing

    Usually in places that sell kitchenware. They're used in food preperation. I've got two at home I use, are you saying I've got no justification for owning one? if that's the case I call out your kneejerk BS. Machetes are valid tools to use in the kitchen that sadly get missused so many times...
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    Very memorable bass lines

    Start was the Jam bassline of similarities
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    Very memorable bass lines

    Nice N Sleazy, Stranglers You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), Dead or Alive Taxman/Start, Beatles/Jam She's Lost Control, Joy Div
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    Starmer is a lying rat/Corbyn was chuffing useless - discuss

    How do you make tripe taste good? Place the tripe in a pot and add herbs and vegetables to season (e.g. onion, carrot, celery, bay leaf, parsley, cloves, peppercorns). Cover with water and add a generous amount of salt.
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    What has Middlesbrough given to the world music scene?

    No Way The the And Johnny Headache and the ASPIRINS
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    "Count Binface" 5-point General Election Leaflet.

    A bit too Ned Kelly for my liking...
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    Daily Telegraph - Seny Dieng

    How do you know the club is touting him about? What's the point of making that statement when you have no evidence that there is any touting about from the club and that this is nothing more than paper talk? Or is it just another chance to have a go at the club cos you're peeved at other things...
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    Jamie Vardy

    C'mon mate, we'll have none of that common sense talked on this message board thank you.
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    The Cover Version Thread

    Here's a goodie. Good Habits are very, very good. Celloandaccordiantastic in fact:
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    New UK population estimates published

    Here are some comparisons for ya: UK is around 243,0610 square km Japan is 377,973 sqm and has 127 million people But NZ is 268,021 sqm and had 5.12 million people (though has about 25 million sheep)
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    Climate Change, where are you on this scale?

    It's D for Dinsdale of course... But that's only cos I'm feeling optimistic today. I think that all our leaders around the world, who, let's face it, should know far more about the situation than us, know that we re indeed fugged and it's far too late. They are merely keeping us occupied until...
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    Yep, took lots of sessions to get me to realise my problems were mostly from the sense of abandonment cos the old man left when I was about 5 (after being fairly absent on and off for a long time before then). It caused the end of my relationship which is why I got counselling as I was drinking...
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    These UFOs that get regularly spotted . . .

    Is that Devonport on the North Shore of Auckland BD???
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    Plastic Fans

    love the hypocrisy. we lauded our Banik fan years back, not as a plastic, but a decent fella who has had the good sense to follow the Boro. So are people who like the Boro but from overseas or elsewhere plastic in your opinions? Concentrate on supporting your team regardless and hope that other...
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    Are we now just accepting the ST price increases then?

    who is this 'we'? and No you don't have to accept it, just like other things in your life you can agree or not. you can pay or not, it's up to you. That's the reality in this cost of living crisis. If you can't afford the rising petrol prices for your V8 say then you may decide to downsize to a...
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    New Auckland team in Australian A League

    If the Nix win the A-League they cannot go into the Asian champions league as from different conference (Oceania)
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    New Auckland team in Australian A League

    Wasn't the right time or people behind the club. In NZ then rugby was king, queen, prince, princess and several minor royals, with football a mere foot soldier (and commonly referred to as foot marbles). Now football is really on the rise with it now if not the, in the top three sports for kids...