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    Most underrated and overrated Boro players?

    I know I commented earlier but I also know him think Stuani was massively underrated by the masses. to name a few more Nemeth, rochemback and I also think Marcus Forss is aswell by most including Michael carrick.
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    Last chemo session today!!!

    Good luck, keep battling and stay strong. Xxx
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    Most underrated and overrated Boro players?

    Underated Doriva Overrated Michael reizeger(sic)
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    Spurs want Hackney and Rav

    Rav has made the club aware he wishes to leave. Ajax or spurs are he favoured clubs. He’s also moved all his stuff out the house the club provide for him and has also parked his club car up and told the club to collect it. Then first hand info and I ain’t scaremongering.
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    * The Unofficial “Official” Boro v Millwall, Match-Day Thread *

    This reminds me of the play off final when we turned up late and didn’t get going till we were 2nil down
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    Prime drink?

    have you tried Acklam road shops. 2 or 3 of them stock the ones that are hard to get.
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    Boro Debt restructured

    Sorry didn’t see this.
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    Boro Debt restructured

    I’m not questioning that he isn’t. I’m fully behind him and a big Steve Gibson supporter, just seems strange to settle it for no reason when it wouldn’t make a difference financially if he didn’t. It only looks good inthe accounts from the outside. Hence I questioned and raised a possible...
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    Boro Debt restructured

    tbh to me it looks like the club a could be up for sale. There would be no need to do it unless you were trying to improve the saleability of the club. As thr debt would always be owed to him and it would never be settled.
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    Birmingham City Council Bankrupt

    Didn’t Birmingham council just lose a load on the commonwealth games? Seems strange to apply for the games if your finances are in turmoil.
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    Birmingham City Council Bankrupt

    A few local councils are very close to this, Scarborough were very close until they joined forces to create North Yorkshire council, Durham and Stockton are on the brink too.
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    Men of a certain age.

    Not just over 50, I would encourage to go from your early 30s. 1 in 4 white men will suffer from this at some point in your life. I’m only repeating what Simon Jordan said on talkSPORT the other day and don’t know the stats for other races. I had mine checked yesterday and I’m 39. Fingers...
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    Coventry have not beaten any team away in the top 10 this season

    Ffs cheers. Nailed on 0-3 with a paddy red card in the first ten mins then
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    Jones wasn't offside

    I’m watching it on the dodgy stick and the var lines show he was level. The linesman gave it as he was the on that side, if it was the other side the outcome might of been different. The commentators were shocked that the freekick/penalty wasn’t given for us then jones was dragged down earlier...
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    Surprised howson ain’t rested aswell tbh. I’d certainly like him to be before the play off games. Not related at all but Would a red card before the end of the regular season affect the play off games?
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    Also she was famous for knocking other runners over and also crashing into them. He nickname was crash queen. She crashed then ran away from them
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    Just read who zola budd is. Is it a bad April fools by Aberdeen?
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    A true boro lad wouldn’t call his dog zola. But it would be worse if it was called di Mateo
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    I’m more disappointed his dogs called Zola.