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    Riley McGree

    Engel massively lets this team down
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    Harry Kane is not finished

    Bellingham in CAM like he did for Real and Gordon on the left
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    Harry Kane is not finished

    Kane can’t play with Foden If I had to choose a player out of them two it would be Foden every single time Harry Kane is a consistent looser who has never won a trophy, that is embarrassing and England will be much better without him
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    Celtic interested in signing McGree

    You are completely wrong He would improve every single team in the championship
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    Ryan Giles signs..

    Hopefully this means it’s goodbye to Engel and a massive upgrade with Giles
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    Harley Hunt Swindon

    Love this type of signing Hope it’s confirmed soon
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    Ryan Giles signs..

    I’m sure Scott said this was the case in one of his interviews and that’s why we didn’t move for the loan
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    New deal for Mcgree

    Chuba went for £12M, was older and had one good season under his belt and wasn’t an international Do you still think McGree would go for £1M - £2M?
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    New deal for Mcgree

    Some crazy posts on here McGree is one of our best players, he’s ability to link Defence Midfield and Attack is the best in the club He’s quick, works hard and brilliant technically He’s a good age, an international People saying to sell for £1M - £2M are way wide of the mark
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    I've seen two Boro flags so far

    I saw 3 One had Danny Fowlers coaching sign on it 👍
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    Burgzorg signs

    Another Yanic Wildschut….
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    Former Premier League players who wouldn't get a look in today

    Alan Wright Awful bald left back
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    Boro represented at youth tournament

    These tournaments are a great idea for spotting talent abroad and also giving our younger players diversity in football development Be great to pick up a gem!
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    Mediterranean cruise advice .?

    I worked on cruise ships in my early twenties for two years in the casinos (Best thing I’ve ever done) If you are set on Europe I’d say Barcelona and Dubrovnik are the best cruises to get on But the best in the world is the Carribean, island hoping around Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua etc… As...
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    Who do people expect us to sign

    Jordan James is an excellent shout 👍
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    Who's leaving then?

    He’s over 30 and just had a year out I didn’t particularly rate him before he got injured and I don’t think he is what we need moving forward
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    Initial Rogers fee higher than widely quoted

    This isn’t correct Compensation for a player brought through a youth system can continue on future fees
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    Gutted But I agree he’s not at the standard we need to push on When we signed him I was really excited and he’s had some really good spells in the team but his time is up and it’s time to move on
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    Why do you do the job that you do?

    He would have me out of a job in 5 mins I can just see the cost of all the Certificate of Sponsorships for Wonder kids world wide