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    Del Chisora Headbutting Deliveroo Rider

    Chisora came across as a bit of a bully if you ask me. (Which I realise nobody did).
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    Southgate: Please No Knighthood

    I couldn't agree more. Definitely deserves recognition. I think an OBE would be fine, personally. (That said, with some of the daft knighthoods these days (and probably always to be fair) I don't really take any notice). I won't be calling him 'Sir' if I meet him though :ROFLMAO:
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    Well the flag has come down......

    I think Southgate is holding us back now. It's been a journey as you say, but I think we could have won this Euros with our squad (and a better manager). I guess the trouble is that the truly better managers are all involved with big clubs, and not on the international circuit maybe? (Not the...
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    Post office / Horizon inquiry

    Sadly no real comeuppance. Totally agree with the second part of your post though. She's a nasty piece of work. (The whole Anglican thing seems pretty odd too... although being unscrupulous and involved in the church are hardly mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite in fact).
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    Post office / Horizon inquiry

    Are they though? Sadly nothing will probably come of it. No jail time anyway.
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    If you'd told me in September..

    Chatting to a Villa mate, he says Rogers is the real deal. Apparently he was Villa's player of the month in April!!
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    Phil Foden

    Southgate will be too defensive.
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    Norwich and WBA

    Like the last two? Haven't we won once on the opening day in the last 15 seasons!? - For some reason we never seem to time our pre season right.
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    Should we be judged on our writing skills on a football forum?

    Never too late to learn (y)
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    We beat rotherham twice.....

    Bad timing. Finished the season top of the 'Last 12' form table... but had left ourselves too much to do.
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    Next season under Michael Carrick.

    I hope we can win our opening game of the season.
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    Premiership Relegation - who do you want to survive?

    I'd like Luton to stay up. Don't think they will though. I think the current bottom three will be the final bottom three. Hope I'm wrong though. Edit: If Luton can't survive I'd like Burnley to... in their final game v Forest. (Although will there be a farcical situation where teams still don't...
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    Any? These days I doubt too many women or young girls of apprenticeship age would think that. Most would know that pretty much any scheme would (quite rightly) be open to both sexes. Regardless, someone was trying to do the board a favour, giving a heads up about an opportunity. I think it...
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    Or option b), someone was trying to do the board a favour. Most would assume that it's open to 'daughters and granddaughters' as well. It doesn't really "need calling out", it'll just stop people wanting to post if people are so keen to take offense.
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    Interesting analysis of away ticket sales this season..

    Our last season in the Prem wasn't a free for 'all'. Season ticket holders got first dibs. (I'm not saying that's wrong). It might have been a free for all amongst ST holders. I was waiting for games to make general sale, and many didn't... (until it had become apparent quite how bad we were)!
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    Interesting analysis of away ticket sales this season..

    It's not actually correct. Priority points weren't needed for Plymouth.
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    "No overall control"

    100%. Once any party has been in too long there seems to be more and more corruption, questionable 'donations', expenses, wining, dining & schmoozing.
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    "These things even themselves out"

    Interesting idea. They got rid of offside in hockey years ago. At the time I remember thinking it was going to result in goal hanging. In reality people tried that for a bit, bit the striker often ended up being out of the game. Admittedly it's harder to get a hockey ball up to a striker than...
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    What book are you currently reading?

    I'm just about to start that. 'The Evening and the Morning' by Ken Follet was also enjoyable.
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    Cardiff away ticket details - 2,280 tickets, £11 for an adult

    😠😠 - I hope this great value pricing doesn't stop it from getting to general sale!! (I suspect it's to try and encourage a crowd to an otherwise fairly 'dead' game for both teams).