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    Wheres everyone watching the big match ??

    Sounds like The Cree was lively pal with all the police, I hope it wasn’t you 😂
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    Wheres everyone watching the big match ??

    Fox Cover ?
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    Quick question on SSP

    I think she will have to hand sick note to her manager but she will lose the first three days I think. Think it’s somewhere around £115 per week nowadays give or take a few quid.
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    Albufeira sports bar

    Unsure if you can book a table but the sports bar just off the main strip is always my go to cos a little bit quieter called sports bar 33, if you want food The Cockerill is a few doors away and isn’t bad.
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    James Fans

    My first visit to The Globe and I was very impressed, the set up, staff, security, venue, I was sat in the lower section and the acoustics and lighting was very good. Cracking set list from the band a great mix of old and new songs.
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    Teesside Artists

    Philip Meadows
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    Help, I've been robbed!

    It’s under the Tyne bridge Maybe The Stack your talking about possibly.
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    Deal agreed for Redcar arena land lease

    Redcar can’t even coordinate the train barriers at the level crossing.
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    Deal agreed for Redcar arena land lease

    I would love to see the arena come to Redcar and seeing the place absolutely thriving it would be great for the area. However after the white elephant over the road that is Tuned In how can another music venue work when this never has done ? Also anyone who travels around that area on a...
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    Deal agreed for Redcar arena land lease

    Redcar is crying out for a music venue/arena after the years and years of sold out gigs literally over the road in Tuned In music venue.
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    James Fans

    What’s the parking situation like around The Globe please ?
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    Pre season friendlies ??

    Alan McLaren testimonial game.
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    Jesmond/Newcastle - recommendations

    Branches is a cracking restaurant in Jesmond.
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    Southampton fully back in the automatic promotion race.

    Isn’t it just reciprocal pricing by Leeds ?
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    When do players arrive for 3pm kick off

    I have taken my son a few times this season and sure it’s around 12.45 we get there for and players start to slowly filter through the car park towards the players entrance.
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    Manchester Recommendations…

    The Refuge is one of my favourite places in Manchester.
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    Bad back

    his YouTube channel is called The Pain Habit and is very interesting. I have also read his book which has also helped me a little bit on the understanding of pain and how to deal with flare ups.
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    Bad back

    Can you try and ask you physio to write a letter to your GP cos you will wait for ever and a day for appointments, assessments, scans etc etc and may help in fast tracking your case.
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    Football clubs flying to matches

    Aston Villa players stayed the Friday night in Gisborough Hall
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    Dana White does a 78 hour water fast

    Autophagy happens over a period of time and supposed to repair damaged cells that fights against chronic inflammation and disease apparently is one of the main reasons behind fasting.