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  1. Lord Percy

    That bit of Chuba skill on the touch line…

    You can see it on the EFL highlights in the ITV hub👍
  2. Lord Percy

    Another below average Jones performance.

    I would have agreed for 2 thirds of last season, but I can’t agree with “causes all sorts of problems” on recent showings. Yes - he used to, but he doesn’t best the fullbacks with anything like the regularity he used to.
  3. Lord Percy

    Another below average Jones performance.

    He seems to have lost his edge. Should he be rested?
  4. Lord Percy

    Im worried 😟

    When I’ve been on a bus for 11 hours to Reading, I want a few moments to get excited about intra game. Some talking points, other than how tedious our side to side half way line passing is. Sneaking a goal or 2 and winning - of course, you’d be happy from a result perspective, but if that’s the...
  5. Lord Percy

    Im worried 😟

    When you go to games, the performance really means nothing to you?
  6. Lord Percy


    When’s he ever not looked tired? The midfielders had to adopt a holding pattern whilst they waited for him to get back onside.
  7. Lord Percy

    Wilder post-match ‘We played really well’

    Dodds was only on for a short time, but I think he looked a player. I can see him taking Jones’s place at some point.
  8. Lord Percy

    Wilder post-match ‘We played really well’

    Agreed. The atmosphere felt more like the one when the Lionesses last played here, which added to the mediocrity of a non event. Great for the youngsters at £5 a pop, but not a real Boro match by any stretch of the imagination.
  9. Lord Percy

    I owe Chuba an apology.

    Can’t remember when he last made an “impact”. Seems like a nice bloke, and is intelligent, but his football decision making is poor. Once he gets the ball and sets off on a head down run, you just know that nothing will come of it. His team mates know it too, which must change the dynamic of...
  10. Lord Percy

    Why have we changed our style

    Over the last few games, McNair’s typified the tedious sideways passing. He looks good when he marauds forward (sometimes) but he’s not a creative passer. We have too many journeymen.
  11. Lord Percy

    What did wilder say after that display

    He loaned 2 stinkers, inherited a loanee that has no future at the club, and Watmore is a 5 goals a season man. Coburn is still green. The January loanees are on him, but the others wouldn’t get into any of the other top 8 sides. Makes settling on a formation difficult (not helped by Crooks...
  12. Lord Percy

    IF Wilder were to leave, who would your replacement be?

    Might be a good shout. The inside track to Pukki’s signature and maybe Tim Krull.
  13. Lord Percy

    All to play for still

    We shouldn’t mistake the high possession stats with dominance. Teams just let us p155 about with it, side to side, then backwards. I guarantee you that Huddersfield will not have left the game feeling that they’d been dominated.
  14. Lord Percy


    I agree, the service is very poor, but movement is also poor. Watmore should never start. Needs to be on when the other side’s energy fades. Sporar isn’t a finisher and whenever he is called upon for link up play, his passes are poor. Balogun would do well in a team that has people on a...
  15. Lord Percy

    Oh Wilder (just) Said …

    Yes, I think so. January transfer window has been the main reason for the malaise, (that and Crooks’ form). It did all feel a bit hasty. I’d like to see his more considered signings in the summer, to get a feel for what HIS team actually looks like.
  16. Lord Percy

    IF Wilder were to leave, who would your replacement be?

    How about Jimmy Floyd?