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  1. Dynamo Kev

    Jack Clarke

    na they have been found out now. they will be in the relegation mix next season.
  2. Dynamo Kev

    Del Chisora Headbutting Deliveroo Rider

    deriveroo guy getting all aggressive with a massive heavyweight boxer double his side. He is clearly a bit of a douche, got to respect the massive guy confronting him or expect to get something coming back him way. some people never learn lol
  3. Dynamo Kev

    Team of the Tournament

    kyle walker wtf? he was dire for most of it.
  4. Dynamo Kev

    Is this bunch of players actually better than the lot we had late 90s / early 00s?

    what gareth or the next england manager need to do is pick a formation that suits the players we have. i dont think gareth does. he player player out of position all over the pitch to squeeze his fav's in. All the others in the past did that to. it one of the reasons we always fail. english...
  5. Dynamo Kev

    Is this bunch of players actually better than the lot we had late 90s / early 00s?

    McManaman would be in the squad. he'd be playing for liverpool so would probably be starting left winger. Batty though i believe your underrating him. he was a good midfielder and one gareth would probably have as captain. anderton though good a player as he was would be well down the pecking order.
  6. Dynamo Kev

    Is this bunch of players actually better than the lot we had late 90s / early 00s?

    i was looking at the 96-98 teams highlights and it seems back then we would have suited a 4231 quite well. Venables played the old diamond midfield. which suited us okay. probably why we did quite well back then. lost to a strong Germany and robbed by Argentina. we would have had good options to...
  7. Dynamo Kev

    Harry Kane is not finished

    we need a new manager, one that only picks players who are fit for the first game, not for the last game. Kane and shaw were not fit. shaw was actually fitter than kane when he did play. kane was well short of fitness. he was shattered every game and barely ran.
  8. Dynamo Kev

    Watkins and McGinn Conversation

    i used to want scotland and wales to do well, then i joined the army and realised they actually detest us for our arrogance. thinking we have a right to win things, even though we have won barely anything. that's not just football either most of them were rugby lads. It is pretty annoying...
  9. Dynamo Kev

    Ryan Giles signs..

    ayling right cb, rav central. the likes of fry and lenny will be bit part players now. even playing 3 cb's.
  10. Dynamo Kev

    Who's leaked this then?

    who cares what that rotten club are doing.
  11. Dynamo Kev

    Do you think we'll win against the Swiss?

    we might win against the swiss. but winning it overall is a tough ask, spanish, portuguese, germans and dutch also have a load of good/great players, but couple of them look a way better team than us.
  12. Dynamo Kev

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England vs Slovakia 🇸🇰 Sunday 5PM - If Carlsberg did match threads

    he would be perfect at right back. but as a left back hes beyond one dimensional. he should never be played there. also he should have scored, instead he passed to foden. he also held the shoot button to long and skyed one. the amount of times he could have gone down the line and instead he cut...
  13. Dynamo Kev

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England vs Slovakia 🇸🇰 Sunday 5PM - If Carlsberg did match threads

    foden, saka, walker, tripper were all garbage. like really bad. when all yout wide player are playing rubbish, its a major problem. SG will start with same player vs the swiss and we will lose easily. bellingham got us out of jail with some magic. we were very lucky to get through that game.
  14. Dynamo Kev

    Right is DS 9 any good.

    its better than generations and voyager by miles. i ended up getting into it on 2-10 shifts. get home watch ds9 go to bed. great show.
  15. Dynamo Kev

    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 v Slovenia 🇸🇮 Match Thread

    cole palmer and gordon on second half. please
  16. Dynamo Kev

    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 v Slovenia 🇸🇮 Match Thread

    Is it just me or is Saka pretty rubbish. he does nothing ever. i know he has good stats for england. but majority of games i see him hes anonymous. i think hes a bottle job.
  17. Dynamo Kev

    Criticism of Gareth Southgate

    southgate isnt good enough a manager to get the best out of the players he has. so many good players and he plays a lackadaisical rb in cm and a very right footed rb at left back. hes clueless still. the team look like they dont know what to do. even worse loads of them are just walking about...
  18. Dynamo Kev

    Criticism of Gareth Southgate

    england has a balance issue. walker and tripper at fullback is not good for the teams width. should play 3 cb's and attacking wingbacks. then we can play fodan palmer and jube more centrally and get them all on the ball more. gordan and saka will be high up the pitch and always wide. more space...
  19. Dynamo Kev

    Criticism of Gareth Southgate

    if grealish was left midfield last night we wouyld have had loads more possession. none of them could hold the ball and some didnt even try and hold the ball up there. Jack would have held on and kept us high up the pitch. big mistake leaving him out.
  20. Dynamo Kev

    England Team

    zero width on the left, serbia blocked off our right side and we have nothing else. stick eze/gordan on the left and an actual left footed left back to provide the width and we would have won that game easily. SG is a very average manager. he style is like his monotone robotic voice. very boring.