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  1. BoroinBuxton

    Allan Hansen ill…

    I'm hoping for the best for him and his family. Great footballer and pundit.
  2. BoroinBuxton

    Rob Burrow

    My Uncle died from it. Terrible disease- RIP Rob X
  3. BoroinBuxton

    Tory MP pretending to be a Labour candidate

    He's my local MP..... Hopefully for not much longer.
  4. BoroinBuxton

    Boro and Dortmund fans.

    Fond memories of going to Dortmund games when I lived in Germany. Koller, what a player!
  5. BoroinBuxton

    Very memorable bass lines

    I lectured Dave Bascombe's son at Uni. He was most impressed that I had heard of his Dad!
  6. BoroinBuxton

    Very memorable bass lines

    A bit mainstream perhaps, but....] Wings- Goodnight Tonight Brothers Johnson- Stomp
  7. BoroinBuxton

    Favourite bands.....

    Barclay James Harvest (RIP Woody) !0cc (Pre 1977) Talk Talk (RIP Mark Hollis- Genius) The Associates (RIP both Billy and Alan)
  8. BoroinBuxton

    Bergerac is Returning!

    Spender - All day long
  9. BoroinBuxton

    Most Attractive Female Vocalists

    One of our own.....Wendy Smith. Prefab Sprout. Knew her back the day X
  10. BoroinBuxton

    Old Sheffield Wednesday players from the past

    Peter Swan, Tony Kay and David Bronco Layne.........
  11. BoroinBuxton

    RIP Michael Jayston

    Showing my age here, but i remember him in Quiller
  12. BoroinBuxton


    I was shocked at that as well.
  13. BoroinBuxton

    unusual footballers?

    For our older readers, I give you Jack Brownsword. An interesting character. A keen embroiderest apparently
  14. BoroinBuxton

    unusual footballers?

    As is his book with Dr George Sik
  15. BoroinBuxton

    You have to laugh......

  16. BoroinBuxton

    Now Denny Laine has died.

    Really sad news. An icon of my youth.
  17. BoroinBuxton

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Bristol City Match-day Thread *

    Thanks Roofie! An interesting and informative read as always.
  18. BoroinBuxton

    Your favourite non-Boro player of all-time, with one caveat

    Frank Worthington, without a doubt,
  19. BoroinBuxton

    All The Light We Cannot See

    I've really enjoyed the series, but the comments on here have inspired me to buy the book.
  20. BoroinBuxton

    First single you bought

    A classic!