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  1. fozzylegend

    Hi I’m Merlin

    obvious troll is obvious
  2. fozzylegend

    England Penalty

    Thanks mate. I was being facetious so feel free to change it to “it wasn’t a penalty because of woke” if that makes it better.
  3. fozzylegend

    England Penalty

    it was a penalty because of woke
  4. fozzylegend

    Another actual brexit benefit

    pork markets...........
  5. fozzylegend

    James McClean thinks Declan Rice is overrated

    james Mclean... professional footballer more famous for his politics than his ability... a legend in his own lunchtime
  6. fozzylegend

    Question Time

    i like to call him 'tiny temper' i love how angry he gets for such a little fella
  7. fozzylegend

    Alexander Arnold

    54 minutes last night.. not involved in a single tackle.. that's not he lost out on tackles but didn't even compete in a single one.. in centre midfield. that goes beyond what I would call a 'luxury' player. it's someone extracting the urine!
  8. fozzylegend


    another shout for diggers from me.... my 'go to' when i am in Bahrain
  9. fozzylegend


    why wouldn't it be safe?
  10. fozzylegend

    England Team

    right.. hopefully the trent arnold midfield experiment is over with and put to bed. i don't want to see that again please.
  11. fozzylegend

    Newcastle fan wiping his **** on Sunlun flag

    the most deluded fans in the country by a long, long way. heads as full as their trophy cabinet
  12. fozzylegend

    Im after a st georges flag .....

    christ that second picture is more than a bit cringe ...... the EDL with its known S*x offenders protected by tiny tommy two names.....
  13. fozzylegend

    Farage not bothering with UK election to focus on trying to get Trump re-elected

    i thought you were talking about jonathan gullis for a moment till i remembered he is a monkey in a suit
  14. fozzylegend

    Yerr Great x n Grandad sh*gged a Neanderthal

    a bit... braverman ish....
  15. fozzylegend

    Maddo just wripping it out of Drury

    if we are really going to batter a manager for his dress sense, please make it this tw@
  16. fozzylegend

    We are top of the league

  17. fozzylegend

    Most Important Bands of AT

    my mum? Ice cubes mum? and why that song? there are plenty of others. also if it is me, there is no 'corrie' in Dubai.... For the record, Dr. Dre alone is responsible for millions of album sales without even including his own. I see you failed to respond so childishly to any other reply on...
  18. fozzylegend

    Most Important Bands of AT

  19. fozzylegend

    Very memorable bass lines

    guns of brixton - the clash (dub be good to me - beats international)
  20. fozzylegend

    Mrs Vacuous Strikes Again

    i think Kathy Burke said it best when......