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    Thanks for that hugill mate

    Can’t believe hugill who is one of our own and supports Boro blatantly took jones out and ruined his chance of playing on Tuesday. He was even having a go at fry during game. The ref was shocking should’ve booked him and nipped it in the bud. The officials today cost Boro a perfectly good...
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    Well the Port Vale ticket arguments have already started

    It would be good if Boro awarded loyalty points for every fan who has had a season ticket from 1995. Travel up from Nottingham had a season ticket from m 1995, would love to go to port vale away but will more than likely miss the points cull again
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    Toon or Liverpool?

    Football is ruined, sick of the love in on sky, where were the geordies when chanting sack the board in the late eighties, early nineties. Blood money prevails. Sold out as they cannot win a trophy legitimately. Have you ever seen a geordie lift a cup
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    This is not on carrick

    We have shot ourselves in the foot, 1st goal was a definite foul, the third was a calamity, hate it when we play tip tap football at the back. Smith sending off was suicidal.
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    Woodgate was a defender, he should be able to sort this defence out, tip tapping about at the back for the 3rd goal is comical, absolute joke.
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    Leeds charging away fans £47

    Thats just damn Dirty
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    Cheer up Tony Mombrsy

    Mogga is a Boro legend, he was awesome alongside pallister during the Rioch era, one of the most exciting times as a Boro fan. He always has time for Boro fans and I’m sure he will be supporting Boro if we get to the final.
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    Coventry fans letting off fireworks outside Boro's team hotel

    I hope Boro saved a rocket to shove it up em today 🤔
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    Coventry fans letting off fireworks outside Boro's team hotel

    Pathetic, I hope there’s some fireworks in the Ricoh stadium today. Up the boro
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    Where will you be watching the first leg?

    Sports bar in Nottingham, had season ticket since 1995 unfortunately couldn’t get away ticket today so will be having a few beers, UP THE BORO 👍⚽️🍺🍺
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    Keith Stroud

    STROUD = Retire now you are a joke
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    Well that was ridiculous

    The officials are once again pathetic
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    No leaders in midfield

    Mcgree keeps passing the ball sideways or backwards, need a midfielder who drives at the opposition, simply not good enough
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    Braga Lagos

    Im in albufeira, thinking of a few options available, go to lagos for the day spend time in the city and on the beach, sampling a restaurant and a few beers pre match. I will be travelling across from albufeira via bus, they are reasonable price. There are no buses/trains coming back after the...
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    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    Soopa Soopa Cooper, Soopa Soopa Cooper
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    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    Soopa Soopa Cooper
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    Best Debut Album?

    Never Mind the b***ks Sex Pistols;)
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    We look set to miss out on the play offs

    Get a grip, Boro have never done it the easy way, we are well in the mix plenty of points to play for, the only way is up
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    Bit of Derby info ive been told

    What goes around, comes around. They have blatantly flaunted the rules and cheated, when they knew the EFL guidelines. Then their club attempted to lay the blame on Boro and Wycombe as to why they cannot proceed with the admin process, they still haven't got a buyer? I feel sorry for the...
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    Joe Lumley

    Joe 90