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  1. LeeMiller

    Show us your cats

    Wally #2 not so happy with breakfast selection
  2. LeeMiller

    Show us your cats

    Wally #1 this morning showing appreciation after breakfast
  3. LeeMiller

    The size of Glastonbury

    It’s basically Nunthorpe
  4. LeeMiller


    Sorry to hear that R00fie. 💔
  5. LeeMiller

    Springsteen 2024

    I’m still not over that. Really choked me up. 😥
  6. LeeMiller

    Ruth Langsford is back on the market

    How are EA’s feet these days?
  7. LeeMiller

    Sunak wants to bring back National Service

    I just want this all to end. The constant BS, threats, dog whistles, crazy headlines with no chances of coming to fruition just to drive the “media agenda” Hey Sunak!! Leave my kids alone
  8. LeeMiller

    Sunak wants to bring back National Service

    Did he do National Service?
  9. LeeMiller

    What would your walk on music be?

    You lied to me first 🤣 Has it ever occurred to you that I’m a professional and maybe I know what I’m doing.
  10. LeeMiller

    Rooney becomes a Pointy-Head

    Absolutely loved our loooong day down there in November. Real soft spot for them. Janners! Jaaaaaaaaannnnnerrrrs!!!
  11. LeeMiller

    What would your walk on music be?

    Great questIon. At every family get together this comes up. Due to the beauty of Alexa and Wi-Fi. This is more my walk in song (from the match when we’ve won) Tremendous film too 😃
  12. LeeMiller

    Pochettino leaves Chelsea

  13. LeeMiller

    Geordies you actually like

    My best mates a Geordie. Lived on Tyneside for ten years. Loved it. But they are so incredibly insular. You’d think it a joke but I’ve seen them saluting the Tyne Bridge when the London train crosses the Tyne. What really p’s me off is everyone loves them. Thinks they are so great...
  14. LeeMiller

    The weekend beer and music thread

    Seeing the Boss on Wednesday so my neighbours are being treated to his back catalogue all weekend. Gone old school with the tipple
  15. LeeMiller

    Sky Sports + Announced

    Three championship games on at 12:30 every Saturday up against TNT’s Liverpool game. Some very low viewing figures and some terrible attendance at the games themselves. Totally crap idea Then the high noon Sunday graveyard shift. Clubs have agreed to this as the TV revenue will double. What...
  16. LeeMiller

    U18: Boro 3 - 4 Newcastle

    Yeah was there as two mates of my lads were playing. Not bad at 15/16, good luck with your GCSE’s. One or two really bright prospects as mentioned above. Physically there were a few mismatches, but getting the opportunity to play at the Riverside infront of a few hundred can only put them...
  17. LeeMiller

    What did you get from this beauty?

    Up in the loft and came across this blast from the past. I think I had the kit, trackie and sun hat. Stil got the hat somewhere.
  18. LeeMiller

    In The Land of Saints and Sinners

    Yeah I watched it last weekend. Really enjoyed it, but really had a sense I’d seen something like it before. A fiesty red haired female leader of a N Irish terror cell? Anyone?
  19. LeeMiller

    Stockton v Carlton

    Is that Carlton in Nottingham?