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    Songs that emotionally cut you

    Kentucky Avenue by Tom Waites. I'll take the spokes from your wheelchair And a magpie's wings And I'll tie 'em to your shoulders And your feet I'll steal a hacksaw from my dad Cut the braces off your legs And we'll bury them tonight Out in the cornfield
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    Election broadcast wtf!

    Anybody else see that last night? It was so poor at first I thought it was a spoof! Laura Trott sounding and presenting like a clueless sixth-former! Ignoring the vapid content, who on Earth gave her that job?
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    Elland Rd May 1997

    Watched the game in a Saltburn pub today. Packed with Leeds fans. Who knows why. Kind of enjoyed the result although neither side troubled the keepers much.
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    Can anyone recommend a Physio?

    Phil Newton. Worked with Olympic squads. Has a space in Earthbeat centre Saltburn.
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    Song lyrics that stop and make you think.

    Something needed for the main course That’s fine looking high horse That you got in the stable We’ve a lot of starving faithful That looks tasty. That looks plenty This is hungry work.
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    Nonsense lyrics- do they happen in modern music

    I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier. Ugh lazy rubbish! I’ve got a pen but I’m not a penguin.
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    Too nice??

    A disappointing but predictable result considering we were missing any pace up front. What surprised me was that we only committed 5 fouls in the whole game. I’m not suggesting we should be kicking lumps out of them but there’s what used to be described as “letting them know they’ve been in a...
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    Tory MP Scott Benton filmed offering to break lobbying rules for money

    Not quite. The lousy Tories of the 90s would resign when they were caught out. This lot have no such scruples.
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    Benjamin Zephaniah

    Nice work Harry.
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    TV licence fee rise

    Cheap for what you get. Must admit their political reporting has been abysmal for a few years -probably scared the govt would bin the licence fee if they criticised them. Apart from that loads of stuff on iPlayer plus Tees radio. What subscription service would you get legally for £14 per month?
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    My latest project - finished

    As a fellow woodworker, I salute you. Lovely work!
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    Warning pay by phone app.

    I had to download this when I’d parked in Newcastle. As I’m trying to put details in and pay lots of pop-up ads. Just found out I’m paying £30 a month to SG Originalplus f-some game and streaming platform. No unsubscribe on their page. The bank told me loads of people reporting this problem. My...
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    Byline Times

    Bought it today.
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    If you want to check the news, how do you do it?

    The Newsagents podcast. BBC app. Byline Times.
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    Why Are Younger People Against The Triple Lock

    It is a cynical vote-catch attempt but please don’t lump us oldies all together. I’m close to 70 and on my OAP but I’ve never voted Tory and didn’t vote for Brexit either. I consider myself left of centre, a hater of injustice and inequality and politically have never changed.
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    New original song

    I like it.
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    Anyone own or owned a Flying V?

    Don’t like the look. Now find my a Telecaster Verithin…….
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    The high press…

    This season our defence are less confident when pressed. I think Stefan was key to our get-out when teams tried to press us, cos his long kicking was accurate.
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    Adama Traore

    Absolutely this. 👆🏻
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    Moises Caicedo to Liverpool

    And now the rumour is he’s having second thoughts about it