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    Cost of living. Everybody jumping on the bandwagon!

    The thing that people aren't talking about enough is the profit margins of all these companies (supermarkets etc). We are constantly told that its a 'cost of living crisis' but its only the consumer (you and me) who are stumping up. Think about it, the reason the price of food is going up is...
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    Foods that irrationally yuck you out

    Winkles. Who on earth would want to peel a bogey out of a shell and chew it. Rancid
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    83 stolen dogs found in traveller site raid

    As a dog owner this gets me a different kind of angry. It should be classed as kidnapping. My dog is my family. These monsters will get a pointless fine no doubt.
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    Could this be the week?

    Not when you look at Barnsley and Reading's fixtures. We could quite possibly win our next two but so will the two teams in 5th & 6th. Meaning we would likely still have 8 points to make up after the break.
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    Hospitality Fights Back

    To be honest, whether it gets though court, win or lose, i think that it signifies that the hospitality sector are not going to bend over and take fluff reasoning from the government anymore. Curfews have already been exposed and i imagine everything the Gov try to impose from now on will be...
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    Linthorpe Road Cycle Path

    'Linthorpe Rd isn't the only route into town' I'm pretty sure you are on a wind up now like. We are discussing the impact on the businesses ON Linthorpe road which currently have parking outside which will be REMOVED to make way for the cycle lane.
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    Linthorpe Road Cycle Path

    I think you have missed the point mate. Its the shops (restaurants and takaways as you call them) on Linthorpe rd that will suffer loss of parking so that a cycle lane can run past all of those businesses to GET TO the town centre (where the shopping is done).
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    Linthorpe Road Cycle Path

    Yea great idea, "come everyone and cycle into town, then attempt to ride home with your shopping bags on your handlebars (if your bike hasn't been nicked)"! Or...alternatively, use public transport, that is completely unreliable, full of all kinds of crazy characters and also spews tonnes of...
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    Linthorpe Road Cycle Path

    Utterly bizarre idea. Who even wants to ride down Linny road?? There have been numerous headlines talking about 'reducing the high street' and 'moving it further up' Who knows,...maybe if all the current business in that area are forced to close or relocate, there might be an opportunity to...
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    A mirror question: what is the best advice you have given someone?

    My dad told me to never trust a fart. Wise words indeed
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    What do I put on my toast

    Brussels patè with another slice of toast on top. Toasted patè sarny. Lovely. I sometimes use a jar of cheap beef paste uf its close to payday.
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    We are going to be promoted automatically

    Were not going to lose another game this season. 2 teams are going to nick a draw from us. Thats it.
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    We are going to be promoted automatically

    Put up or shut up 😁
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    We are going to be promoted automatically

    Don't know what it is but just have a feeling that this squad is going to gel really well with the new additions and we are going to go on a huge run, battering everyone in our path. UTB
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    The final nail in the coffin for the high street?

    It would be nice to see it go a similar way to micro pubs. Big retailers will always dominate but with empty shops and units available, some small businesses that offer something different might emerge. Offering something a bit different that wasn't mass produced in sweatshops. Im happy to pay...
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    Matchday Thread - Norwich v Middlesbrough

    Spence has been done by his man a few times now. Needs to sharpen up. Playing ok going forward though
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    3rd night of anti lockdown riots in Netherlands Riots in the street, mental health surges, economy collapse. Are we now looking at a serious argument over the risk of the virus vs the risks of the lockdowns? I think, given the vaccine rollout, any decision to extend a lockdown past the...
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    Hangover cures

    Night: 1 pint of water before bed with 2 paracetamol. Morning : 2x cups of tea and a bacon sandwich. Then a walk round Stewart Park or Redcar Beach (even better if its cold and fresh out) Then a roast dinner when you get back. Sorted.
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    What's your highest break in snooker?

    Hit a couple of half centuries but nothing over 60