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    Gradual renationalization of UK trains

    Why not? I would like to hear what you think cleaners, ticket office workers, admin staff, signal operators, track maintenance, engineers are worth
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    Rodri remarks about Gibraltar

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    We need the extra space for Tory MP,s, Lords, "donors" who have ripped us all off, especially during COVID.
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    1966 World Cup Final in colour on TV today

    Just my luck. I put a tenner on Germany to win.
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    FAO dog owners

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    FAO dog owners

    Hand warmers
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    5 weeks clean

    Good on yer mate. Keep it up. And well done.
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    FMTTM Coffee Club

    I'll do my best but I can't promise as I have other commitments that day. I'll know next week. Fingers crossed
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    Back in Middlesbrough

    Did they find anything
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    Vets prices

    If you are having a go at me,I do have insurance. The dental treatment is not covered by my insurance and I am not complaining about paying for it. The point I was trying to make is that I was sold two different painkillers at £25 a pop when it seems paracetamol would have been just as effective.
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    Too many Prisoners

    I was in the pub last night, quietly drinking my pint and reading this message board when a man, aged about 35 ish came to me and asked if I wanted "any stuff to make me feel better". FFS, I am nearly 70. I moved to the other end of the pub to finish my drink as I immediately felt very...
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    Too many Prisoners

    This is the woman who sanctioned handcuffing women who were giving birth to the bed to prevent them running away
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    Vets prices

    Medivet seems to be a recurring theme here. But they won't be the only ones.
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    Is Farage committing fraud

    Check this out... Full video:
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    Vets prices

    Our dog needs some dental treatment. His teeth will be cleaned. He will need a general anaesthetic. If he has a tooth extraction too the cost will be £500. He has a heart murmur so will need a scan beforehand. Another £500. He is my best mate and I don't begrudge paying for it. After all, when...
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    Too many Prisoners

    A good start would be identifying why people commit crime. Poverty, unemployment, poor parenting, all come to mind . Sentencing can be disproportionate to the crime and is inconsistent.
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    Too many Prisoners

    it should be the other way round
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    Anyone ever been to one of the fortune tellers in Whitby?

    My wife knew someone who claimed she could see the future before we met. This woman told my wife that she would meet a bald man who did not live in the town and marry him. The mans name was C**** I met my wife in Darlington, where she lived. At that time I lived in Thornaby and of course she got...