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    Green waste collections

    So 1.1 m on bins ? 250 k on how many trucks ? surely a label on green bins save £;s
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    Green waste collections

    Organised as ever ....... paid for brown bin still not deleverd though me & next door Neighbour paid same day ...e has his i am still with green un as for account i do have one is so slow to update its frightening ....prob governments fault! Btw , what is the cost of new bin...
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    Green waste collections

    Does ANYONE know when they are starting , they said they would empty the green bins once for people , but have paid but not got new brown bin , neighbour has & its same dimensions as green bin ...but with a sticky on barcode that seriously worth 1.1m on new bins . Seems a shambles of...
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    The Blue Card is coming to the game

    Will turn into timewasting central , you foul , then i foul , pass the fouls & sin bins about , & when a side gets in front with 10 left it will become unbearable ....yet another idea created by the nuggets who brough us VAR
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    Fulham Fans Boycott

    So why highlight Fulham when its really of no consequence as the PL in yr words is a totally different animal .......our walk ups are a disgrace , but NO -one takes it to club for a explanation
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    Villa bid for Morgan Rogers

    He is improving ,but doing so in the Championship , The PL is a huge step at the top half level Villa are at , he gets to sit on the bench for a long time , earns more money , occasional cameo appearance. He has a lot of potential , but its purely that he still can be fairly anonymous at times...
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    Djed Spence

    Built a non career on one good season , next step Reading Or Wycombe
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    Charles Wood

    lad was killed in afghan on 28-12 was anniv of death , apologies was a really bad day
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    Charles Wood

    Do your research of our own died 28-12
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    Ricky Gervais Armageddon

    Comedy has not quite died yet , brilliant
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    Who is the best ever player to play in the championship?

    Best i have ever seen in the 2nd league in country Souness, you had to see him then to appreciate his class ,miles ahead
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    Have I got an I.T security issue?

    Agreed its a constant source of concern on here , i would hate to think a account was emptied because someone used this site & got done
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    Charles Wood

    Cap doffed son
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    Have I got an I.T security issue?

    Why make a ad look like malware , that makes people doubley warey surely?
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    All inclusive ideas

    Best meal choices i have had were in mexico , playa del carmen , choices of 5 hotels ,all with fine dining ,steakhouse ,oriental , BBQ , mainstream generic stuff for quick & go . Spot on country too ,great people , who don't push like hell for tips too like usa ...just make sure insurance...
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    Phil Foden

    Southgate will never pick those 3 first choice .....but he will regret it after the summer or get lucky when it goes wrong & they bail him out
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    Have I got an I.T security issue?

    Its the same issues week in week out wary of clicking owt now
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    All inclusive ideas

    Playa del Carmen again , superb place , Cancun can be very "College usa" esp spring break time
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    Bin day

    Seems the money's wasted on the website if yer need to peek, god sake its all moved 1 day , not rocket science