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  1. 35to39

    Gary O'Neil

    To be fair I disliked him while he was a player for us, long before he made those stupid comments.
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    Any of the 6 potential England managers listed.

    I could tolerate Pocchetino too, I guess. None of the others for various reasons.
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    Tom & Jerry

    Scooby Doo is clear
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    England v West Indies - 1st Test OFFICIAL MATCH THREAD

    Great fast bowling from Atkinson. Looking forward to his inevitable 18 month injury layoff in the lead up to the ashes.
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    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England vs Slovakia 🇸🇰 Sunday 5PM - If Carlsberg did match threads

    Saka at left back? Some of these calls are getting ridiculous now. Think Toney could do a job in CDM
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    Best thirst-quenching drink - non-alcoholic

    Peach is the clear winner
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    England - Post Southgate

    Eddie Howe has been a Premier League manager for coming up 10 years now and in only one of those seasons could you argue he's performed well enough to be considered to be England quality.
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    Kane response was spot on…

    Cmon now, take a couple of minutes and start thinking please.
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    Kane response was spot on…

    I think Shearer ranting like a spoiled child from the stadium after the game on the BBC was much worse than Linekar describing the performance as **** on a podcast. Shearer's head was completely gone after a 1-1 draw with a decent team; it was truly pathetic from a professional pundit and was...
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    James McClean thinks Declan Rice is overrated

    Not a fan of the guy but is anything he says here wrong?
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    Sod the George Cross debate, mine is proudly on show.

    I thought people didn't like it when we defaced/altered our national flag?
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    Stone Henge

    "You aren't helping your cause" - person who hates your cause
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    Apart from Sporar

    I think he's injured and missed the Europa League final as well
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    Sunak set to lose seat

    Sadly it'll be a CON hold. Full of people who parrot things like "they're all the same" to justify themselves blindly voting Tory every election.
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    Stone Henge

    Unless you're Nero80 who can't comprehend how rain could wash anything away.
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    Stone Henge

    The rain cleans it up?
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    Stone Henge

    Its cornstarch and food colouring that disappears in the rain, what's the issue?
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    Stone Henge

    Wouldn't be too bad to be honest. Especially if you were doing it for a worthwhile cause.
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    Stone Henge

  20. 35to39

    Stone Henge

    Temporary vandalism that can be washed away naturally with a light shower