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    Johnny Vegas

    I'm not a comedian, I'm an entertainer was his catchphrase back in the day. I saw him regularly at the Frog and Bucket in Manchester. We ended up going out after the gig and he stayed with us at a friend's house. He was a great fella and caring. He gave me his card and signed it, from one Boro...
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    Chief Constable of Northamptonshire police sacked

    I heard he's a shoe in for the High Jump
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    Football grounds you can see from a football ground

    You could see Old Trafford from the top of the rebuilt Kippax stand at Maine Road, back in the 90's.
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    Spurs interested in Rav

    If you think he is only going to get better and increase in value then there is little point in selling him at this point and loaning him back. He is only 1 year into his contract.
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    Targeting a midfielder and Ayling according to the Northern Echo

    I prefer this approach. Not sure if anyone had Rav, ELL or Dieng on their list of signings last summer. Just announced when signed. That said I enjoy reading other posters thoughts on players and what they can bring. There's quite a few very knowledgeable posters on here.
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    Morgan Rogers

    Are y Are you suggesting the add ons will not be included in any future P&S calculations when they are activated?
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    Cancer/Retirement/Photography/A66 Book

    Best wishes on your retirement Eugene. Thanks for sharing your website, I'm looking forward to having a look Best wishes, Kowalski.
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    Old Oak - Film

    Raining Stones is a really good film. A really tough watch in parts.
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    Unusual or Different Pub Names......

    The Foaming Tankard, near the Crazy Kipper fish bar, Fenton, Stoke.
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    FA Youth Cup

    Lee was easily the best player I ever played with. The main reason we won the league and cup every year at school. Top scorer every year. Top fella too.
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    Steve Gibson's fmttm Q and A - Thursday

    Add 1m plus to that figure.
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    Steve Albini - RIP

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    Forest made a loss of £40m in 2021/22 season

    They only lost £3m per season in the previous 2 seasons according to the article in the link. You then have to deduct all allowable expenditure, (academy spend, stadium running costs etc) before you arrive at the figures that go into the P&S calculations.
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    Archer - the Return

    He has his stethoscope on the pulse.
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    FFP Headroom

    I keep reading we have FFP Headroom (massive, decent, significant) from a number of posters. After the last transfer window, can anybody give an explanation where they see the headroom at. Thanks.
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    Songs with dates in them

    I feel a playlist coming...
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    Songs with dates in them

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    I see I've joined the 10,000 plus message club

    I Where you find this NB? Thanks.
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    Favourite bands.....

    Not a Queen fan, my mate Shaft loved him. Freddie was an absolute top draw front man, non better.
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    Favourite bands.....

    I was disappointed when Gerard Love left the Fanclub. Only seen them once since he left.