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  1. Grover

    Let's see your Dogs

    Monika. Malinois. Very hard work!
  2. Grover

    I would've gotten away with it too...

    Wasn’t the hidden narrative of Scooby Doo that the ‘ghosts’ were completely implausible unless ‘scooby snacks’ induced hallucinations. It’s really a story of ‘meddling kids’ tripping in everyday settings. No wonder the librarians, etc. were ticked off.
  3. Grover

    Anthony Gordon has fallen off a bike 🤕

    I’ve just remembered the Jody Sheckter oily squat thrust scandal. Happy memories!
  4. Grover

    The worst animal in the world

    Agree. Is it because they are just the wrong size? If they were tiny, they would be no bother. And if they were massive (bigger than a squirrel) they would be well cool.
  5. Grover

    The worst animal in the world

    Dolphins evolved from sheep that paddled out too far.
  6. Grover

    People you can't believe how old they are

    Toni Basil who sang “Mickey” is 80.
  7. Grover

    Do you reckon you could you win a fight against a chimp?

    How on earth do you beat an elephant? I would have thought a dead leg would be the best you could hope for. I reckon I could fight a goose though. And eat it.
  8. Grover

    Think of a limerick

    I follow Boro so I come here To read threads about music and beer It’s a funny old scene Tories pretend to be green And lefties that won’t vote for Kier
  9. Grover

    5 years ago today we parted company with one of the worst managers we ever had

    I think to rate a manager, you need a few Top Trump type categories. My example for Pulis is: Results - 5 Playing Style - 0 Transfer decisions - 1 Personality - 0 Hero Rating - 0 All out of 100
  10. Grover

    Eurovision week!!!

    I think I know what you mean. It’s just that I didn’t hear anyone compliment it or tip it to win, but it was a run away winner. Happy for him though. Must feel great winning.
  11. Grover

    Eurovision week!!!

    Why have nearly every jury given 12 to Switzerland? They were my least favourite and can’t have been that outstanding?
  12. Grover

    Eurovision week!!!

    I’m backing Ireland. But predict: Israel, Croatia, France.
  13. Grover

    Eurovision week!!!

    Booze everywhere.
  14. Grover

    UK Politics in a nutshell

    Imagine getting a turd in a cone between 60 million people while a few people eat ALL the ice cream.
  15. Grover

    Eurovision week!!!

    Don’t Ireland always try to lose? Jedward one year, now Satan. I liked it.
  16. Grover

    Actors in an earlier role you just didn't recognise

    Benedict Wong, Marvel’s sorcerer supreme was Sean Lock’s daft flatmate Errol in 15 Storeys High.
  17. Grover

    The top five cakes

    Where does everyone stand on doughnuts?
  18. Grover

    The top five cakes

    Cake gets harder as it gets older. Biscuits get softer as they get older. I have less in common with cake, but I’ve always liked the idea of a chocolate eclair.
  19. Grover

    Xmen '97 & other classic cartoons

    Defenders of the Earth I think I could sing the theme tune now, if I wasn’t at work.
  20. Grover

    Amad Diallo

    This could be addressed with technology. Buttoning the shirt to the underpants would make it impossible to whip off in the heat of the moment.