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  1. Colin Warnek

    Wanted a 20 Something Boro Fan for Photo

    I’m in my 20s and would have happily helped out but I’ve been banned or put on a go-slow for a load of facetious nonsense and never received a reply despite tagging admins. Several posters thought the same as me on the thread.
  2. Colin Warnek

    Im after a st georges flag .....

    Indeed, not sure why it has been deemed worthy of the account being put on slow. But no word from admins @fmttmadmin or @borolad259 so will just assume that no one can read into facetious comments any more and will stay off the board as a result.
  3. Colin Warnek

    Im after a st georges flag .....

    If the admin don’t reverse it by today I’m off to OneBoro where the Burger 🍔 used to be. Can’t be arrsed if I’m getting banned for obvious facetious posts.
  4. Colin Warnek

    Im after a st georges flag .....

    Someone has reported my first post in this thread and I’ve been put on the naughty step. It was a J O K E. I was responding to the facetiousness of the 2nd post. J. O. K. E.
  5. Colin Warnek

    New Hull Manager

    One was at Hull! The 4-2 with Scott McDonald hat trick.
  6. Colin Warnek

    Really weird dreams

    Last night I dreamt we played Man City, I was at the game and our keeper had to get taken off cos he'd swallowed a pneumatic drill.
  7. Colin Warnek

    Fines for wearing fake football shirts

    A: it won’t be.
  8. Colin Warnek

    Im after a st georges flag .....

    Absolutely creased - because it's so true.
  9. Colin Warnek

    Im after a st georges flag .....

    Racism pls.
  10. Colin Warnek

    Diane Abbott says she’s barred from standing

    So is she standing or?
  11. Colin Warnek

    Football grounds you could hit a cricket ball into

    Old Trafford perhaps.
  12. Colin Warnek


    Appointed interim at Burnley . Good to see hopefully full time soon.
  13. Colin Warnek

    Former Premier League players who wouldn't get a look in today

    Daley Blind. He wouldn’t get a look in.
  14. Colin Warnek

    Lampard to Burnley?

    That would be excellent news. Only slightly less exciting than him rocking up at Sunderland
  15. Colin Warnek

    Christian Karembeu RIP his niece and nephew. Shouldn’t the French just GTFO for good? What do we think.