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  1. London_Boro

    Facebook 'riddles'

    Shove 'em up yer jacksie!! There are 34 people in a garden etc etc. What a load of cack! This is defo a pet hate of mine on there (along with people posting videos from 'gender reveal' parties, GTF with that rubbish too) What's your pet hate on Facebook?
  2. London_Boro


    Shame about what's happening. I like an Argos, very handy for all sorts of stuff. So now we'll probably have to order and pick up from a Sainsburys in the not too distant future. Also, people don't go in a supermarket and leave having just picked up an online order, they do some shopping, will...
  3. London_Boro

    Good to see Leo involved.

    Pics of him with Warnock and his new assistants. Leo involved in training session and stood chatting with the new management team. (y)
  4. London_Boro

    Charlton Away.

    We'll still have a great away following for this despite our current predicament. Not an awful lot of tickets left when I got mine (Did it sell out?) Really looking forward to it, can't beat a London away game and trips to several pubs before and after. Only pain being the transport situation...
  5. London_Boro

    Favourite Crisps?

    Just kidding. Hello all! :D(y) Like it so far. off to have a click around.