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  1. Borobarmy

    FAO Neil Warnock ( hopefully you’re reading the site )

    We’ve been discussing Cloughie on an another thread on here and ( as I understand you do read posts on here ) some of the posters have given you a cracking testament of excellence . Here’s mine : You can’t put a price on the impact NW has done to not only the club ( which is obvious by the...
  2. Borobarmy

    Check out where we were 19/20 on 15 games

    What a difference a year makes . 😎
  3. Borobarmy

    Debenhams online now for bargains

    Well worth a browse , I’ve just got some cracking stuff half price . At the moment 0710 a daft little wait in a virtual queue for 10 mins and then you’re away . Over 50 quid free delivery .
  4. Borobarmy

    What do G.Ps actually presently do ?

    Don’t get me wrong as the Front Line doctors have been a Godsend during this pandemic and richly like the rest of the NHS deserve their pay rise. However what the hell are GPS currently doing ? My mam been attempting to see one for 6 months Now and is 84 . I phoned the surgery and enquired and...
  5. Borobarmy

    Sheff Wed playing 4,4,1,1

    Enjoy Pulis Owls fans
  6. Borobarmy

    My theme song for 2020 . What’s yours ?

    Very poignant I think . That Rainbow is in sight folks , stand together and we’re there 🤙
  7. Borobarmy

    This is getting pathetic

    I can hardly find the words to express how ridiculous things are getting , re . Political correctness
  8. Borobarmy

    FAO Scubahood

    Re The late night crew thread this morning . The suns up and it’s a new day , When you check in to the site please feel free to touch down fella and we’ll all get together on here and get through it . You’re not alone buddy we need you as you’re part of the Boro brethren
  9. Borobarmy

    Yorkshire Ripper dead

    Yippee . Burn in hell 👍
  10. Borobarmy

    Best revenge movie

  11. Borobarmy

    You know , I feel things are improving

    Forgive me as I know many are still under pressure ........but ....... wow isn’t life so different to this day last week . Trump gone ( nearly with a push ) , A vaccine on the horizon with a roadmap for delivery , Boro one more canny point delivered with aptitude and fortitude .
  12. Borobarmy

    Favourite movie ending .

    In keeping with spirit of earlier debate about best beginnings , let’s switch to the end and I bet this will be way up there . I’ve never forgotten it followed Se7en then ......Usual Suspects
  13. Borobarmy

    Question about Boro being top

    Just done a BBC online quiz about all the teams that’s ever been top of the Prem . Our beloved Boro are there but BBC say it was Mark Summerbell whose only goal in the prem got us on top . Is that right ?
  14. Borobarmy

    Interesting Teesside element to cracking Covid

    Apologies if this has already been highlighted but a mate of mine who works down on the river told me about a huge increase in ships using the Tees . It’s chemical delivery from big carriers Supplying the pharmaceutical companies with component materials for Covid vaccination purposes . It...
  15. Borobarmy

    To Rob and the fmttm team

    Hey and the posters , thanks so much for this messageboard . At times when everything seems to be all over the place , it’s already been a saving grace in lockdown 2 and we’re only a day in 😬
  16. Borobarmy

    🎵 build a bonfire , build a bonfire 🎵

    🎵 Put the teachers at the top , put the prefects all around it and burn the bloody lot 🎵 Wasnt 70s fun in the school playground 🤭
  17. Borobarmy

    Britt having a nice little chuckle to himself again

    Nice to know it's such a laugh screaming it over the bar . Some of us would be pretty vexed at ourselves .
  18. Borobarmy

    Prince William had Covid but guess what ?

    He never announced it as he didn’t want to alarm the public ! who the f**k does he think he is ? Did he think we’d all go into mourning wearing black until he got better ps mind in fairness it is in the Sun
  19. Borobarmy

    Congratulations FMTTM

    200000 posts and approaching 10000 threads . Great work guys and indeed all members and guests .
  20. Borobarmy

    Man U currently 16th