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  1. Steer

    Birmingham's American owners tried get league match against Wrexham moved to the USA.

    Well, we've had American football over in London a few times, so it's only fair. 🧌🧌🧌🧌🧌🧌
  2. Steer

    Aiden Morris. The American view.

    Whether they rate the Championship or not, if he is good enough, then a chance to be signed by a "bigger" team is on the cards. If the 2 podcasters are basing their entire knowledge on Wikipedia, then I am sure some digging will reveal to them that we have sold plenty of players to teams in...
  3. Steer

    Farage: West provoked Ukraine war

    It is amazing just how many of Putins adversaries accidently fall off their 12th floor hotel balconies.
  4. Steer

    Are Spain the team to beat?

    Not as good and ENG-GER-LAND. Nurse, where are my pills?
  5. Steer

    Question Time

    I want less human rights, and lazy teens don't deserve a driving licence or access to a bank account until they have spent their time in the trenches in a war zone. No PTSD? Then no money for you sunshine. Now, which loony political party will best represent my views?
  6. Steer

    Drugs in Boxing - short bans only

    Its another reason why the silly multiple world boxing governing bodies should be scrapped and merged into one. Or perhaps I could setup my own one? Everyone else has.
  7. Steer

    Boro unsure who'll be second choice keeper

    If Hemming and Brynn are not involved in the squad after so many successful loan spells, then honestly what is the point of keeping them? Sell Glover. Thanks for everything and all.
  8. Steer

    BBC pundits last night …

    I simply don't listen to the pundits these days.
  9. Steer

    Drugs in Boxing - short bans only Many boxers only fight once or twice a year . Sometime less. So a 1 year ban is ridiculous and almost no disincentive at all. Add in a USD 10k fine for doping, where the purse for the fight was over USD 1m. Peanuts. I bet doping on...
  10. Steer

    * The England V Denmark Match Thread *

    No. He's got that circulation machine. It works. And can be yours for just 128 affordable monthly payments of just £29.99.
  11. Steer

    * The England V Denmark Match Thread *

    Or Ian Botham
  12. Steer

    * The England V Denmark Match Thread *

    I think that they need to bring on Ashley Giles and Chuba Akpom in the second half.
  13. Steer

    Own anything rare?

    My first real job was for a hifi company, handmaking high end audio equipment - Phono stages, DACS, and amps. I worked there for less than 6 months. The gear was very expensive and I could never afford it. As well as hand assembly from circuit board components up to wiring everything in, one of...
  14. Steer

    Apart from Sporar

    Yes. How could we possibly forget. :)
  15. Steer

    So much for not having a gambling sponsor

    That completely misses the point. I enjoy a pint but would not want alcohol on the front of our shirts. I once smoked a cigarette, but would be horrified if we were sponsored by a cigarette company.
  16. Steer

    So much for not having a gambling sponsor

    I'm disappointed. Gambling brings misery to many. There is no need to advertise it.
  17. Steer

    These new £10 notes...

  18. Steer

    Leo....granted british citizenship

    Brilliant. I'm sure Hackney's talent would have been spotted sooner or later, but as well as being a cult hero for his passion and love for the club, he certainly helped push forward the best youth prospect that we have had for years.
  19. Steer


    So much clearly fake and dodgy stuff on there, I can't believe they are allowed to sell stuff to this country.
  20. Steer

    Cauliflower Voted Middlesbrough’s Favourite Vegetable

    Courgette drops from 1st to 15th. Let that be a lesson against complacency to all the other vegetables out there.