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    Star Wars Ahsoka.

    If you didn’t watch Rebels, little chance you’d have got that much from Ahsoka. If you did watch it then it was a pretty good show.
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    Luke Shaw

    But he played the end of the season? Shaw hasn’t played for months
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    Luke Shaw

    Why we didn’t bring chilwell is beyond me - however anyone who watched the second half of the season for Mitchell probably wouldn’t argue for him being on the plane.
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    Good luck to him, hard to begrudge him potentially a once in a career opportunity.
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    So much for not having a gambling sponsor

    I didn’t realise there had been any indication it wouldn’t be 32red/unibet?
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    I wouldn’t be against him being at the club next season but if it’s a serious offer I’m sure we’ll be considering it.
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    Season tickets back on sale on Friday

    I mean, to say no effort has happened at all is just not true
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    Season tickets back on sale on Friday

    Maybe across a short period of time, and in unrealistic extremes, however within the realms of reality and in the long term - it’s a hard argument to make. We don’t have all the information in the public realm to do it, but roughly speaking a graph plotting of attendances over the last 20...
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    Season tickets back on sale on Friday

    I get what you’re saying, but football as an industry doesn’t purely follow supply and demand. It’s been proven in the past, no matter what ticket incentives it won’t necessarily lead to sustained increased in sales. That said pricing is a big contributing factor and we’ve got it wrong.
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    Season tickets back on sale on Friday

    It’s not a great look. Honestly, I’d rather they just didn’t reopen season ticket sales. One pricing structure, opens in March until the end of May with plenty of advance warning, then closed until half season tickets open in December. The earlier post that said this is just a deterrent to...
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    Drunks arrested on my flight.

    I’ve never seen it be an issue at all on long haul flights. It’s the short European ones that it’s starting to get crazy on. Personally I’d not be bothered if they banned it before 10am, but the minority will eventually spoil it at this rate.
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    Reintroduction of the 100-millilitre limit for liquids in carry-on luggage at all North East airports from June 9th

    I went through Newcastle a few weeks ago, admittedly it was early so I could have missed it with tiredness but there didn’t seem to be any signage even indicated you didn’t need to get liquids out. Slightly annoying when you’ve got it all ready in advance for no reason.
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    How Many Bowling Alleys Does 1 Town Need

    I’m surprised bits of that building have been left empty for so long - you’d have thought starters would have been snapped up ages ago
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    How Many Bowling Alleys Does 1 Town Need

    It rebranded
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    O’Brian move back on.

    I’m sure I read an interview with Scott recently where he basically said LOB wouldn’t be coming back to the the cost involved. Maybe forest have moved on it given their need to offload before the end of this month. Personally I think he’s but a good signing
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    England vs Iceland Matchday Thread

    Terrible game that I’ve forgotten already. All about the euros now, I’m sure it’ll be much different.
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    Boro knock back Lath transfer enquiry

    Glad to hear we’ve rejected it, aim number one this summer is to keep as much of the squad together as possible.
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    Cast your mind back to 2004

    Almost impossible to say who’s better given the change in how football in played in the last 20 years. Generally speaking teams are much less defensive these days so maybe the 2004 players would be better in a current team. It’s the lack of variety in that 2004 team that scuppers it. Really...
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    England Squad confirmed

    Starting 11 becomes a bit more clear now too for the start of the tournament. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t very close to: Pickford Walker Stone Guehi Shaw Rice Mainoo Saka Bellingham Foden Kane Shaw might not be fit, so Trippier is the most likely backup. Mainoo might not get the nod against...
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    England Squad confirmed

    Looks about right to me. I would have taken grealish personally, but I can understand it.