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    Ajay Matthews

    If he was to leave we only have ourselves to blame. Why, if we have him on our books would we look at loaning someone no better from the “Spuds”?
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    Foden and Bellingham

    That’s the trouble, there’s too many of the England squad ( Foden one example) seem to be far more confident with a billion pounds worth of foreign talent around them than they do in an England shirt.
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    I was talking to a barman in Stockholm last night and he said when they played Sweden in a friendly recently Serbia tortured them.
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    Straw poll

    Just out of interest for those of you working from home….do you find yourselves more productive WFH are there more or less distractions compared to an office environment?
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    Sunak's deprived childhood

    You would have to have an ounce of empathy in your body to come out with an answer like that. Or…….clever PR people, of which he clearly has neither!
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    Aiden Morris set to sign

    Has the look of Morsi about him.
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    Omari Forson

    It will be a non starter these young lads at clubs like Man UTD are on forty grand a week.
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    Anglo-American Woodsmith Mine

    Don’t get me started on what I think of the Israeli’s in Gaza and generally think NEB do a great job this was a click bait headline for a roundabout spurious link.
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    Kylian Mbappe

    Would that be….State Owned…..Real Madrid?
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    Really weird dreams

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    Im after a st georges flag .....

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    The bank holiday weekend beer and music thread

    I was reading a couple of days ago about James Hetfield of Metallica saying it is a disgrace the “the most Rock n Roll man ever isn’t in the Hall of Fame”
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    The bank holiday weekend beer and music thread

    Some Pelican blonde and Kasteel Donker’s ( not too many though🤪) I cannot believe that Lemmy has not been inducted to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. This should nudge them along.
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    Will the Tees Valley populace

    Which Tees Valley projects?
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    Lucas Paqueta

    Was that by the first or second adverts?
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    Eurovision week!!!

    You wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley!
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    Eurovision week!!!

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    Eurovision week!!!

    There seems to be quite a few songs that don’t seem to know what they want to be, especially from countries you normally expect good things from.
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    Eurovision week!!!

    Dublin next year then?
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    Behave yourself.