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    George Cross

    There was a lot of hoohar from some about Nike's 'playful interpretation' of the St George flag on the England kit, about it being disrespectful. Yet all the England flags at the football are completely defaced with an emblem or name/pub name in every quarter and their club/town across the main...
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    Will Lankshear

    Finch and Matthews and the other youngsters who featured twds the end of the season need to go out on loan next season, playing mens football every week.
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    A memory test for us oldies

    St Patrick's, Stockton All Green with white collars and cuffs
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    1. Midfielder 2.Attacking midfielder/forward 3.Striker ?

    Has McBurnie got form for being a wrong 'un then?
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    35 years ago today we were relegated from Division 1 at Hilsborough

    I was there. It was a bit eerie as it was just a few weeks after the Hillsborough disaster. The empty Leppings Lane end was just to our right.
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    Who do you get told you look like?

    Kramer from Seinfeld
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    The Garrick Club - Vote on women

    In the 1980s/90s Jeremy Paxman was blackballed and kicked out of the Garrick. The Garrick pub, off Stockton High Street, issued a statement saying he would always be welcome for a pint at their establishment. Sure enough, next to time Paxman was on Teesside to do Question Time he popped in for a...
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    PSG farce

    I used to love the kits of the French club sides in the 80s - St Etienne, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lens, Monaco, etc
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    3 players to get us promoted

    Kane Kesler-Hayden as RB Tim Iroegbanaum for CM with Johnny as cover one of Morgan Whittaker/Tom Cannon/Jay Stansfield
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    Boro fans yesterday

    I went down to Cardiff for the match from where I live in Birmingham. On the way back there were about 8-10 Boro lads on my carriage. When we left the train was packed. These lads abused all the Welsh right in their faces, sang 10 German bombers and no surrender and up the Tories, shouted and...
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    Kieran Scott’s recruitment really coming to fruition now

    I'm sure read/heard Crooksey's fee was $4m (about £3m?) plus Rotherham had a sell on fee
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    This is a very hard thread to write

    Best wishes Viv, get well soon
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    Old Sheffield Wednesday players from the past

    Carl Shutt Gary Megson Mel Sterland
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    Birmingham players

    Stuart Parnaby Obafemi Martins
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    QPR Pigbag

    Settle an argument I have with my brother. I say we ran out to the Power Game, he says it was Do the Hustle
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    Birmingham players

    Trevor Francis Bob Latchford Mark Dennis
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    MSF Chair Standing Down

    it really is a sorry state of affairs. But you all saw the amount of questioning and abuse aimed at Rob in that other thread in the week, even when he said he was feeling really down about the response. The uncalled for abuse just highlights we need why people like Mark and Rob to represent us...
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    Inter Miami v Real Salt Lake

    First MLS game of the season later on. Crooksey against Messi, Saurez?
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    A different view on the crooks move.

    $2m for Crooks $1m for Crooks and Hoppe
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    Player Contract Extensions

    He probably thought he was going to get some game time with Deing going to the AFCON and Glover going to the Asian Cup. Didnt pan out that way. i think he is probably a decent goalie and a No2 somewhere