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    Euros Coverage - BBC v ITV

    ITV have Lee Dixon omg he's dire
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    Spain v Croatia

    His commentry/ voice is dire
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    Spain v Croatia

    Lee Dixon
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    If we win the toss

    Bring a spinner on to open
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    Rotherham - revenge for Boxing Day; focus, team & tactics

    I went to Rotherham. Today I'm going for Boro home win.5-0
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    Rugby TMO

    The interaction between referring and the TMO is fantastic during Rugby Union. Why can't VAR and referring in football be the same?
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    Pub after Boro game

    Bringing my daughter and her son with 2 others to the game Saturday. Any recommendations for a pub in town after the game. ?
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    Promoted before Christmas

    Without a doubt.
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    Nopps Car Park

    I always pay and park in the Nopps Car park. My friend came from London for the game and I told him to park there. On returning his back window was smashed because he had a Box of books on the back seat. Nothing was taken but had quote to fix the window of £650. Is it that bad now parking in...
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    England cricket world champs boro fan

    Liam Plunkett?
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    Bernie Slaven do you miss him on the radio?

    Bernie and Maddo would make a great team
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    England ladies were magnificent !

    Will Australia support England in the Final???
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    Why do you support the Boro?

    Boro are not just for Christmas. Ktf
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    What is the roughest pub you have ever been to?

    Bottom House Grangetown
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    Finally got rid of Virgin, so my next question is......

    I was with Dky I was with Sky for 20 years. Moved to Virgin. Best ever move in my life. Great service. Top HD
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    It is actually Rob's birthday so we should all celebrate that.

    All the best Rob. He should get an MBE that Rob lad!! UTB
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    Thanks a lot for your fantastic coverage/ advert for our fantastic event taking place at Middlesbrough Albert Park tonight. I'm sure Madness and the people of Teesside appreciate it. NOT
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    Butchers - Online or Local

    5 Houses all day long. Utb
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    Durham pip Yorkshire

    Durham absolutely class.
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    Ground staff take a bow

    Boro Groundstaff the best in the business. UTFB