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    Why isn’t the longest day also the mid point of summer?

    When I was a kid in the sixties my dad used to say, "we are getting the wrong weather son they have tilted the earths axis with them atomic bombs".I'm starting to believe he was right.
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    Could McGree have done a job in midfield for England? …

    Southgate was originally a midfielder at Palace,Villa bought him and converted him to a CB. So Wor Super KK had a precedent.
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    Boro fans in the Northeast what are your postcodes

    Born and raised TS1 now TS4.
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    Dave Challinor to Sunderland

    Well you have to admit he deserves a chance in the championship. It would be a brave appointment.
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    Ayresome Park 1972

    Absolutely loved that,thank you for posting it.
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    I can understand how its a great opportunity to go to a world famous club like Bayern but why would you want to leave all this.
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    1. Midfielder 2.Attacking midfielder/forward 3.Striker ?

    Azeez and Azaz sounds like a good comedy duo.
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    Spurs want Hackney and Rav

    Couldn't think of a worse team to deal with remember how they messed us about with Spence,kept us hanging on all summer.
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    I couldn't care less who wins but wins but Leeds at home is one of the highlights of the season.
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    Wagner sacked!

    Championship must be the most cutthroat league in the world for managers.
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    5 years ago today we parted company with one of the worst managers we ever had

    After a few years in the wilderness I came back to the fold during Tonys stewardship of our club.
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    Normal 20 years ago.... but not now

    Television Rental shops, the town used to be full of them with crowds of men stood round on a Saturday tea time,watching the football results. Also later video rental shops, or am I going back too far.
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    No Northern Lites in Park End 😕

    That's why they call it Dark End 😁
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    Is Redcar a nice place to visit?

    I remember when I was a kid a trip to Redcar on the train was a mega treat. I still remember the buzz I used to get coming out of the station and looking down that long road seeing the sea in the distance.
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    Who Did Your Parents Have an Irrational Hatred of?

    My dad hated Arthur Askey,I was working offshore and phoned home. I said how things,he said that b****d Arthur Askey has died and they are showing all his films you are better off where you are.
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    Oldest album(s) that you still listen to regularly?

    Tonic For The Troops - The Boomtown Rats
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    Memorable Footie Quotes and Moments

    If you want entertainment send on a bunch of clowns, Alan Duran ex Stoke and Sunderland manager
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    F*CK VAR

    Do you think sometime in the near future VAR will all be done with computers taking away the human error.
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    "These things even themselves out"

    The Leeds players badgered the referee all game challenging every decision so in the end he didn't want to give a decision against them. Also what I find infuriating in modern football is players who put there hands to their heads in mock horror at every little decision against them. As for the...
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    Name me the catchiest football player song/chant you’ve heard… 🎶

    I hate to say this but its Lauren Robert to the tune of Rupert The Bear. When they beat us at the Riverside, next day at work my mate said if you don't stop singing that song I'll knock you out. I couldn't get the tune out of my head.