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  1. smogintheforest

    Boro fans out of the area. Just out of interest

    You're only jealous! You must live in the rough end of Nottingham! :ROFLMAO:
  2. smogintheforest

    Boro fans out of the area. Just out of interest

    NG2. West Bridgford in the Borough of Rushcliffe but it’s just another bit of Nottingham really. Handy for Trent Bridge, the City Ground and even Meadow Lane if the mood takes me and as long as they don’t clash with The Boro!😉
  3. smogintheforest

    Forest`s points deduction stands [Prem Lg].

    Or have a trip to Meadow Lane on international break weekends?😉
  4. smogintheforest

    Forest`s points deduction stands [Prem Lg].

    Now now, Roofie! Me and you are going to fall out! Leave my local team alone!😜
  5. smogintheforest

    Nottingham Forest versus Man City

    No chance! You Reds! Come on Forest!😜
  6. smogintheforest

    Spare Adult Hull Ticket for Sale

    Hi RiversideRed. I'll take it if it's still available. I'll be travelling up from Nottingham for the Swansea match so could you meet you outside the ground on Saturday. Let me know.
  7. smogintheforest


    Found a good parking spot at the bottom of Stanley Matthews Way which missed all the post-match traffic and I was back home in Nottingham just after quarter past six!
  8. smogintheforest

    Tony Mowbray 'Get Well Soon'

    Best Wishes for a speedy recovery Mogga.
  9. smogintheforest

    Can you see us beating Leicester?

    This thread has really cheered me up! Not! Oh well, at least it's only £9 return from Nottingham and a short train ride. Setting off soon and UTB anyway!
  10. smogintheforest

    First ever Middlesbrough game

    I remember that one. Last home game of the season? Willie Maddren's a striker and he scored I think. And someone called Alf Arrowsmith (there's a name from a football story in a 1960s comic!) scored the winner with a header at the Holgate End. Mind you, he had played for Liverpool...
  11. smogintheforest

    First ever Middlesbrough game

    21st September 1963, Boro 2 Leyton Orient 0. 1'6d (7.5p in new money! ) to go in the Boys End at Ayresome Park. Ian Gibson scored both ...but I had to look it up as I'd have been a very advanced 9 year old with 20:20 vision if I'd seen and remembered that!
  12. smogintheforest

    Forest v Bristol City

    Nah! Wembley bound are Forest! 😜 You Reds! Went tonight and Bristol City looked very useful. Good of Forest to try to tire them out for us though. 😉
  13. smogintheforest

    What point do you stop watching / leave

    There’s been a few times in 60 years of watching that it’s been tempting to leave early …..but you don’t do it, do you? Worth staying till the end tonight, even if a few around me had cleared off, just to see the goal and be part of that fantastic away support at the end. Boro team and Carrick...
  14. smogintheforest

    Live game on Welsh channel now

    Amwythig is apparently Welsh for Shrewsbury. Weird that. Don’t ask me how. I used Google translate. But as I can’t get the English commentary on red button for some reason, I can start learning Welsh! 😁
  15. smogintheforest


    We're not all dead yet y'know! ;)
  16. smogintheforest

    Boro 2 Leyton Orient 0, 21st September 1963

    60 years ago today, in the Boys End at Ayresome Park, I saw my first Boro match. Two goals from Ian Gibson and we won! A wide eyed, optimistic 9 year old, I knew glory and success was only a matter of time for my home town team. Didn't quite turn out like that! 11 years before I saw us in the...
  17. smogintheforest

    Free the Geordie two... police brutality at the Etihad

    Thanks for this thread. Can’t stop laughing 😂- some of the comments are brilliant!
  18. smogintheforest

    U21`s rating tonight: Max Howells 9.5/10 Top Man.

    Good assessment roofie! I was particularly impressed with Hannah. A young Boro team doing well against a Forest side starting with experience in Toffolo, Niakhate, Mighten and Biancone.
  19. smogintheforest

    Heart of Stone on Netflix

    Random baddy chasing Gal Gadot in this Netflix movie…….but he can’t be beyond redemption as he’s a Boro fan!😂
  20. smogintheforest

    #nottingham together# - vigil tonight 17:30 hrs and one minute silence [18:00 hrs] - Old Market Square.

    Thanks for highlighting this, roofie! Us exiles love our adopted home city and our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.