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    Star Wars Ahsoka.

    I Found it a little slow and i tried a couple of times to get into it but failed. Then on Saturday i binge watched 5 episodes and i'm hooked now.
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    The end?

    His buddy looked like he was telling him to shoot him in the head, if its the same video i saw.
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    Aviva car insurance renewal more than double

    Mine went from 650 to 1100 with my previous insurer. got it for 700 (when i bolted a load of extra stuff onto it) with Aviva.
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    Daft things you eat

    Dairylea dunkers. I'm in my late 40s. 😲
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    Things you did as a kid and shouldn't have?

    We used to try and do the Luge on a skateboard... The first time i came off and scraped all of my back was the weekend my mam took my skateboard off me!
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    Things you did as a kid and shouldn't have?

    Making fires on the slag bank (I'm from a mining town, we have a small hill made of slag.). Played soldiers with black powder and matches. (my mates dad used to make his own shotgun cartridges) Set the metal part of a shotgun cartridge off with 2 rocks. Shooting anything that moved with an air...
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    I just did a little fist pump.

    Where are you driving to? the next pump?! :p
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    Premier League title scenario

    City's goal Difference remains at 60 Arsenal's go to 62 Arsenal win.
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    What is your favourite sub-£200 material possession?

    I got an AAWireless Device for the car, it turns my wired Android auto head unit into a wireless one, allowing me to use a wireless charger for my phone. At one point they were selling for a couple of hundred pounds, or you could pre order from the kickstarter and get one in 6 months for about...
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    What’s your fave Nirvana song?

    In Bloom.
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    Who do you get told you look like?

    Was it the pint of Malibu in your other hand?
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    Who do you get told you look like?

    There was a Greek lad at Teesside uni circa 1994 who used to point at me and say "Gordon Strachan! Gordon Strachan!". I look nothing like Gordon Strachan.
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    Ayling in talks

    He's out of contract isn't he? I know that Bamford said on his podcast with Joe Wilkinson that he had gone for good.
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    Do I own my Sky dish?

    Yep. Thats what i did. you'll need to retune the TV though.
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    Last 3 songs listened to on Spotify/Apple Music etc?

    Druha Rika - Spy do zavtra Die Antwoord - I fink u freaky Velvet Revolver - Sucker train blues
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    Parking eye cameras

    I've had this twice at the Days inn at killingworth lake on the M6 and also at the days inn at Wetherby. At the killingworth lake one i even watched her type in my Reg number and submit it. Both got cancelled after i complained to the hotel and submitted my reservation number to the parking...
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    Stalking related songs

    Ozzy Osbourne - No more tears
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    The end?

    There has been an explosion reported at a British munitions factory. hopefully not related to the war.
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    Luke Ayling

    Bamford mentions him a fair bit in the BBC My mates a footballer" podcast. He sounds like a proper dressing room leader. The podcast is well worth a listen if you haven't, Joe Wilkinson and Patrick Bamford talking football whilst Joe tries to be come Paddy's best mate. Plenty of behind the...
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    Team tonight

    Preston have a nightmare run in. playing Norwich, Southampton, QPR and Leicester. QPR are the only ones not in the playoff Mix.