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    Closest Grounds You've Not Been To

    Did Carlisle a few times in the 80s. Done 60 odd grounds one obvious one ive never made yet is Rotherham.
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    Lovely day outside

    Haha youd probably know my Dad he was a regular i only went in now and then. The Acklam i went into mainly was never a fan of the Linny.
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    Lovely day outside

    Samuelsons club thought i recognised you from there on the coffee club pic ?
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    Lovely day outside

    You used to drink in the Sammies Sadgit ?
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    Royal Ascot tips and fancies

    All seems very low key this year maybe overshadowed by the Euros ?
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    France v Austria

    Dembele is another one i dont get the hype.
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    France v Austria

    Every time i see him i think hes well over rated.
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    Düsseldorf England Fans - 10 German…

    Hopefully the new Labour government will ban chanting at football matches so as no one can be offended.
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    Sunak's deprived childhood

    He couldnt even afford an Interail ticket :oops:
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    Triads leaving Middlesbrough

    John McGee. Hes still there as is Changes. Havent been in there for years.
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    Gazza on The Rest Is Football

    And what have you achieved in your life ? Ah yes leader of Teesside resistance. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Talk about Pot and Kettle.
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    Farage absolutely walked that

    Ive heard a few people say they are going to vote reform. Havent spoken to anyone yet whos admitting to voting for Labour or the Tories.
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    Farage absolutely walked that

    Whats Boro's coach got to do with this ?
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    FMTTM Coffee Club

    Why dont you go to the coffee morning instead of being a clever @rse keyboard warrior ?
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    Liam Gallagher - Definitely Maybe 30

    I was also there great gig.
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    Takeaway Prices

    We get ripped off for everything these days.
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    Mediterranean cruise advice .?

    Marella cruises are a good starting point. Usually all inclusive decent itinerary and the ships are fairly laid back. Best cruises we have done though are with Royal Caribbean.
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    Takeaway Prices

    Where did you use ?
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    Unusual or Different Pub Names......

    Yep thats the one. Loads of trouble on the way to the ground as well.