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    Least favourite Cities in the UK

    I live in York now and have lived all over the north. Plus southwards Dudley and Loughborough. Also worked in London - Chiswick. The company wasted £150 + a night in 2000's for four of us four nights a week. Anyway - London was *****, When on the tube it was horrendous, needed a shower when I...
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    The one song that to you is just perfect

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    Pub in York for tomorrow

    Which pub to go to?
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    Canary Islands Advice please

    Off to Playa Blanca for two weeks this Friday. This is about my 20th visit. Princess Yaiza, guests not very friendly. Volcan, unusual design but not much character. Cay Sun Beach more friendly and the cheapest of the three. Princess Lanzatote is our favourite, very friendly, lots going on and...
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    Question on the chase tonight

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    Bill Gates RIP

    RIP - I lived on Birkdale Road in Hartburn, from the windows at the back of our house we could see Bill when he was in the garden. Frank Spraggon lived two doors away from us. In later years Willie Maddren and Souness live nearby on the estate near the Penny Black, met them both at a party at...
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    David Shearer - 63 RIP (a mini legend)

    112 games - 30 goals how I WISH. Anyway he did walk off, PITCH OR CLUB **** - no idea
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    Djed Spence

    Get rid - longer this goes on the more toxic he is
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    Boro bloke on Corrie

    Really enjoy hearing his accent. Been on for months now. Started as a Tramp, now funny and respactable. Sure in real life he is someone who could be a mate?
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    York Friday

    After grappling with their **** website fot an hour, finally got two tickets in Block W. Anyone else going?
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    David Shearer - 63 RIP (a mini legend)

    What a character!!! Remember on Match of the Day, away to QPR, on a plastic pitch. In full publice eye he walked off the pitch, sat in the stand with arms folded. Think we were 6-0 down at the time!! He was an old school centre forward, that we can no longer find...
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    York City on Friday

    Strange club. Make it hard for anyone to buy tickets if you are an away supporter. The owners are unliked. The fans trashed their own ground in May when victourious in getting potential promotion. We were banned last year by the Council, and club I guess, from a friendly 12 months ago.
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    York City on Friday

    I have spent nearly an hour trying to get two tickets for this, Anyone know how on earth you can do this?? Help please.
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    How does increasing the interest rate control factors such as oil and energy prices?

    i am 67 have part time jobs. Got two of them rcenthly. So there are jobs if people can be bothered
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    How does increasing the interest rate control factors such as oil and energy prices?

    Ukraine and enertgy price issues will hoprfully go away. In the meantime invest in companis that produce bombs.
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    Boro at York

    Tried on York and Boro websites, got nowhere.
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    How does increasing the interest rate control factors such as oil and energy prices?

    Yes strange times. We have recorded unemployment at a low. And companies say they cannot find staff. Then others are going to foodbanks? Why - just get a job There are plenty out there
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    How does increasing the interest rate control factors such as oil and energy prices?

    As an Economist since graduating and working for financial instutions when rates hit 18% and we had no choice because a goverment locked us into the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), which we were forced to leave as it was against our indepence, ultimately. Interest rates and inflation now are...
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    It's Snowmageddon

    Smattering in York as I awoke 10 mins ago. On grass, cars, roofs but nothing on paths or roads. Gone by p.m. today I would think. So no big deal. But snow trying again now.
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    I think I was wrong - apologies. no river Tay in Perth - Aus. Anyway Mr Fridge your reply is much appreciated. There is the Swan and another one in Perth. Everything gone Pete Tong with travel agency. So got thee unwanted nigts in Singapore - Ideas? Anyone near Palmyero?