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  1. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Your long song...

    Not a fan of these two, in fact Jon Anderson has sent me to sleep on more than one occasion over the years. I get lost in this track though. I love Film noir and their are some great clips on this video.
  2. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Your long song...

  3. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Best song in the history of the world

    That’s two songs, and only one is correct 😎
  4. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    James Fans

    From Friday...
  5. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    James Fans

    It was a local promoter who mentioned it on his Facebook feed. Looking at the pic he posted he was in the balcony. I definitely would have went there if I hadn’t gone to The Globe. Haven’t seen them live since 1977.
  6. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    James Fans

    How was the sound there, heard reports it was poor.
  7. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Postcode lottery ad filmed in Middlesbrough ?

    I won a box of chocolates today (y)
  8. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Greatest screen villains?

    He was a right git
  9. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Do you buy off Temu?

    That's a Shih Tzu
  10. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Names of British towns in song titles and....

    Middlesboro surely ?
  11. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Your Favourite Instrumental Music?

    Can’t beat a bit of Pachelbel
  12. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Fury V Usyk.

    It doesn’t look very lively. I always watch live sport (except test cricket) muted.
  13. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Fury V Usyk.

    Opetaia v Briedis is the fight I’m watching I think I’m on right channel tv is on mute I’ve got headphones on listening to Ferocious Dog 🤣
  14. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Favourite EP or Mini-album

    From a fantastic live band 👍
  15. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    James Fans

    Their new album [Yummy] is the best one for sometime.
  16. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    James Fans

  17. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    James Fans

    James are doing a warm up show at The Globe at the end of the month. Tickets on sale Friday. It'll be a rare chance to see them not in an arena or festival.
  18. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Last 3 songs listened to on Spotify/Apple Music etc? Rachael Sweet - B.A.B.Y. Kailee Morgue - Another Day In Paradise Ren Harvieu - Strange Things
  19. Ignore_Alien_Orders

    Phones at gig's/concerts/festivals

    Next gig I'm going to is £15