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  1. Randy


    Ronaldo is rumoured to want out of Saudi now too.
  2. Randy

    Interest rates predicted to rise again tomorrow….

    Exactly. I'm not clued up on all things economic but I'd back the corner of the banking experts and not the corner of a social worker if push came to shove.
  3. Randy

    Naughty step

    There are 24 hour outright bans put in place too. But you don't get given a reason.
  4. Randy

    Real Madrid v Manchester City

    Real Madrid. Just to **** on Pep's biscuits. 😂
  5. Randy

    Great to see Darnell back

    Agreed. Hopefully Carrick gives him a chance over the summer. Could be a useful dynamic for us next season given Smith's age.
  6. Randy

    Wedding suits for larger gentlemen?

    Also looked on Moss Bro's for a rental last night for an upcoming event. The prices are insane for rental on there when you compare to, like you said buying outright from another supplier.
  7. Randy

    Will the new Mayor get a grip on begging in Middlesbrough town center ?

    Is 'professional' begging still a thing in the town?
  8. Randy

    The future for personal transport
  9. Randy

    The future for personal transport

    I was told about the hydrogen plan by a gas fitter last year who was doing some work next to my house replacing some old gas pipe networks. He said the company he worked for had contracts in place for the next 20 years replacing and upgrading the gas line network to handle more hydrogen.
  10. Randy

    The future for personal transport

    Correct. I got the wrong country. It'll be 2-5% by 2025.,Gas%2C%20which%20owns%20the%20pipelines.
  11. Randy

    The future for personal transport

    You already are. 20% of the gas pumped into your house is hydrogen.
  12. Randy

    Craig Harker, of The George in Stockton

    That's been generous. He's a ****. Rhymes with runt.
  13. Randy

    EFL announces new broadcasting deal with Sky

    Hopefully improve it then. Sometimes the red button coverage is awful.
  14. Randy

    Inappropriate Funeral Music.

    My late uncle had Firestarter by The Prodigy as his last song as he was been led away to the cremation. Was just the type of guy he was, a true joker.
  15. Randy

    Facial Recognition - can of worms

    There will be some sure as **** interesting replies in this thread. 👀
  16. Randy

    Local elections TODAY

    Same here.
  17. Randy

    The end?

    Doubtful. They'd surely aim for a built up residential area if that was the case wouldn't they? Blowing up a flag is hardly cause for continuing the fight.
  18. Randy

    Australia to ban recreational vaping

    BAN EVERYTHING! I remember that chatter years ago after the public place smoking ban was put in place about a discussion about outlawing smoking in your own home/garden.
  19. Randy

    Full strength Vs Coventry

    Not excusing the performance but Rotherham were fighting for their lives in the division and we had already guaranteed a playoff position which when you look where we were before Carrick came in is still a remarkable feat. If Burnley hadn't had won the league at the ease they did then I'm fairly...
  20. Randy

    Billingham Town v Birtley Town 3pm today

    Wishing the best of luck to Billingham.